Faculty in Five

  • Carlson School Assistant Professor Yi Zhu

    Marketing Assistant Professor Yi Zhu explains why he studies the challenges that arise from the rapid adoption of digitalization

  • Mili Mehrotra

    Assistant Professor Mili Mehrotra discusses how her research addresses water scarcity in developing communities, and more

  • Akshay Rao

    Professor Akshay Rao explains why businesses should take note of his research about how consumers' prior choices impact future choices

  • Dan Forbes

    Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Professor Dan Forbes speaks to his goal of challenging entrepreneurs to tackle the big problems of the world

  • Betty Zhou

    Work and Organizations Assistant Professor Le (Betty) Zhou discusses her research on how middle managers can best motivate their teams

  • Michael Iselin

    Accounting Assistant Professor Michael Iselin explains how accounting is not always black and white: rather it involves a significant amount of judgment and discretion

  • AlfredMarcus

    Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Professor Alfred Marcus discusses the big questions lurking at the intersection of business strategy and ethics 

  • Susan Goldstein

    Supply Chain and Operations Associate Professor Susan Goldstein explains why supply chain scholars study how companies can improve service processes

  • Marketing Professor George John explains the importance of studying marketing channels, discusses his favorite classes to teach, and more

  • Accounting Associate Professor Ivy Zhang discusses whether accounting information should impact CEO performance evaluation, and more