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Seeking innovative entries in software, hardware, platforms and delivery, information security, apps, and related equipment, products, services and consulting. 


  • Charlene Charles
    Co-Founder, The PartnerWay
  • Derek Chin
    Director of Innovation, Nerdery
  • Jeff Fox
    Director of Group Systems, Securian Financial Group
  • Laurent Frecon
    Vice President, LFE Capital
  • Sima Griffith
    Founder & Managing Principal, Aethlon Capital
  • Tim Huebsch
    Senior Manager - Global Financial Systems and Global Business Solutions, General Mills
  • Don Krantz
    Vice President - Sonar Localization Systems, Digi Labs
  • Joel Lebewitz
    Partner, Lurie LLP
  • Joy Lindsay
    CEO, President & Co-Founder, StarTec Investments, LLC
  • Scott Litman
    Co-founder, MN Cup and Managing Partner, Equals 3
  • Mark McGuire
    Co-founder and President, Gravy
  • Jeff Nelson
    Manager, DEED
  • Eve Poeshl
    Director of Solutions Architecture, MentorMate
  • Kashif Riaz
    Director of Data Engineering, Securian Financial
  • Sam Richter
    Chief Executive, SBR Worldwide SVP
  • Matt Ronge
    CEO & Co-Founder, Astro HQ
  • Randy Schmidt
    Hardware Development Manager, IBM VLSI Design
  • Matt Schmitt
    Tech Ventures Ops Director, Cargill
  • Carlos Seoane
    CEO, Extempore
  • Jesse Sixkiller
    Attorney, Gray Plant Mooty
  • Bjorn Stansvik
    CEO & Founder, MentorMate
  • Meghan Stiling
    Enterprise Architect, Nerdery
  • Robert Weber
    Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Great North Labs
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