MBA in Two Application Instructions

Welcome to the Online Application for the MBA in Two Program at the Carlson School of Management. To complete the application you will need to provide us with some personal and employment information, as well as academic transcripts and official GMAT test scores.

To begin your application you will need to create a University of Minnesota guest account. Click on the link below and follow the instructions under “create a new guest account”. You will be asked to enter an email address (to be used as your internet ID) and create a password. You will need to remember this email address and password to log in again if you complete the application over multiple sessions. Current University of Minnesota students may use their x500 login.

If you have already started working on your application, you can log back in through the University of Minnesota's authentication page. Click on the link below and enter your internet ID (the email address you used when creating your guest account) and password.

For problems with your University of Minnesota internet ID or password please contact the Office of Information Technology at or 612-301-4357 option #2. (How To Reset Your Password)

If you experience problems with the application please contact us at or call our office at 612-625-5555 or 800-926-9431 between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm (CST).

When you have completed your application and are ready to submit it you will be guided through a payment process online. No application will be processed until the application fee is paid.

Please carefully read the instructions that appear throughout the application pages. You can only submit your application one time. If you have updates to any information you have submitted, please notify the admissions office at once. Best of luck. We look forward to receiving your application.

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