A Message from Brenda Carriere, MLS, MIS
Director, CHRLS Herman Library

Hello, and happy spring to you all!

Brenda CarriereThe Georgianna E. Herman Library, formerly known as the Reference Room, has been an important part of the HRIR program since the Industrial Relations Center's beginnings in 1954. I'm proud that the Herman Library has been around for so long, and that we - and libraries in general - are and will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future.

The Herman Library is not only a place to build knowledge, but a place where students build community and relationships - relationships that last a lifetime. I'm sure many of you have a fond memory of our library from your days on campus: it may have been a place where you studied or did research, or it might have been where you went to relax, or to meet friends and classmates. Hopefully it played some role in your academic career.

As alumni of the program, you are still able, and encouraged, to use the library. Whether you are local or in town traveling on business, we welcome you to stop in to the library. You will have access to all the resources you had as a student, which now include electronic databases available from the library workstations, and access to up-to-date print collections on topics such as leadership, onboarding, and performance management. The library also has an amazing collection of historical labor and HR information available. You can find seminal research in its original publication form, the history of labor laws and labor disputes, labor tomes from the late 1800s, original pamphlets from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and faculty research from the past 70 years.

Technology has changed library services dramatically over the years and I'm proud to say that the Herman Library has taken it all in stride. The catalog was moved from a card system to an online library catalog about six years ago, resulting in a collection that is searchable from anywhere in the world. I'm currently working with our IT department to install a collaboration system that will allow students to plug their laptops into a large screen for group work and refine their presentation skills. We assist students and other patrons in person, but we also receive requests and questions via email that we try to answer within a 24-hour period.

The library has been proudly supporting students and alumni for almost 70 years. For example, every fall a first-year MA-HRIR student is offered a financial aid package that includes a 10-hour per week position in the Herman Library. I just finished an in-depth project for a patron examining resources available on the challenges in identifying and developing high-potential employees. I'm also pleased to announce that the Herman Library will be sponsoring the HR Tomorrow Breakfast this year. Make sure to come early and enjoy a hand-crafted latte at the specialty coffee bar!

I hope this message conveys the importance and relevance of the Herman Library, both to our current MA-HRIR students and to our alumni. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments at carri084@umn.edu. I'm happy to hear your thoughts and ideas about the library and our services.