Zuhui Xiao
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Zuhui Xiao

PhD Candidate
Marketing Department


  • B.S. 2009
    Management Science, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

  • M.Phil. 2012
    Operation Management, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


  • Pricing, Trust, B2B Salesforce Incentives

Zuhui Xiao is a doctoral candidate in quantitative marketing at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. Her research interests are centered on understanding marketing decisions that respond to more realistic behavioral descriptions of consumer preferences and decisions. Her current portfolio of work includes class pricing strategies, trust-based investments in principal-agent ties, competition with boundedly rational consumers (or marketers), and firms engaging salesperson who buffer and broker ties with accounts. Methodologically, she uses a mix of analytical modeling and laboratory experiments to study these issues.

Her current dissertation work includes two essays on firms’ strategies for consumers/agents who have reference-dependent preference, using Koszegi and Rabin (2006, QJE)’s framework where the reference payoffs are determined endogenously by the economic environment.

Selected Works

Dissertation Essay 1 (Job Market Paper): Class Pricing with Reference-Dependent Consumers
Dissertation Essay 2: Opportunism and Trust in Inter-organizational Ties: A Reference-Dependence Approach

Current Activities

Honors and Awards

    • Winner, the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science (ISMS) Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2017
    • Finalist, the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) Doctoral Dissertation Award, 2017
    • All-University Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Conference Presentation Grant, Univeristy of Minnesota, 2017
    • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2017
    • All-University Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (Single winner from all departments of Carlson School), 2016
    • INFORMS Marketing Science Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2015, 2016
    • Haring Symposium Fellow, Indiana University, 2015
    • Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM) Phd Camp Representative, San Francisco, 2014
    • Travel Fellowship, Carlson School of Management, UMN, 2014-2017
    • Vaile Fellowship, Carlson School of Management, UMN, 2012