Zhihong Ke

Zhihong Ke

Doctoral Candidate
Information & Decision Sciences

About Zhihong

Ke's general research interests lie at the intersection between economic, social, and technical aspects of Information Technology with an aim at analyzing mechanisms and designing digital interventions to increase welfare of stakeholders. Her current research focuses on User-Generated Content (UGC), Social Influence, Social Media, Gamification, and Healthcare with multi-method research designs (e.g., randomized experiments, survey, econometrics analysis, social network analysis, panel data models, data mining, and machine learning) to triangulate research questions.

Selected Works & Activities.

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  • Ke, Zhihong, Liu, De, Gupta, Alok, and Brass, Dan. "Online Friends Bring Out the Best in You: The Effect of Friend Contribution on Online Review Provision."
  • Babar, Yash, Curley, Shawn, Ke, Zhihong, Liu, De, and Sheffler, Zach. "The Effects of Nudges in a Corporate Wellness Program." (Authors are listed alphabetically)
  • Chen, L., Holsapple, CW., Hsiao, SH., Ke, Z., Oh, JY., Yang, Z. (2017). "Knowledge Dissemination Channels: Analytics of Stature Evaluation." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 68 (4), 911-930(Authors are listed alphabetical
  • Ke, Zhihong, Liu, De, and Gupta, Alok. "The Ebb and Flow of Online Word of Mouth." Thirty Seventh International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2016), Dublin, Ireland (Completed Research Paper)
  • Ke, Zhihong, Liu, De, and Gupta, Alok. "Peer Effects and the Social Production of Online Reviews." The Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST 2016), Nashville, US
  • Babar, Yash, Curley, Shawn, Ke, Zhihong, Liu, De, and Sheffler, Zach. "Incentives in a Real-World Decision Aid for Promoting Physical Activity." The Workshop on Health IT and Economics (WHITE 2016), Washington DC, US (Authors are listed alphabetically)
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