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Yuqing Ren

Associate Professor & Lawrence Fellow
Information & Decision Sciences


  • B.E. 1995
    Electronic Engineering Xi'an Jiaotong University

  • M.E. 1998
    Systems Engineering Xi'an Jiaotong University

  • Ph.D. 2004
    Organization Science Carnegie Mellon University


  • Social media marketing, online community design, knowledge management, distributed collaboration, social networks, and computational modeling of groups and organizations.

Yuqing Ren is an Associate Professor and Mary and Jim Lawrence Fellow in the Department of Information and Decision Sciences at the Carlson School of Management. She holds a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. Ren's research focuses on the design and management of information technologies to promote meaningful social connections and effective collaboration. Her research interests are business use of social media, online community design, distributed collaboration, knowledge management, and computational modeling of social and organizational systems. Ren's research on online community design and Wikipedia collaboration has been funded by National Science Foundation. Her work has been published at Human-Computer Interaction, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of MIS, Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, Organization Studies, The Academy of Management Annals, and the proceedings of AOM, CSCW, HICSS, ICIS, and SIGCHI. 

Ren has been serving as an Associate Editor for Management Science (Information Systems Department) since 2015 and a Senior Editor and the Diffusion Editor for Organization Science since 2016. 

Ren is currently working on several projects that study business use of social media to engage customers and employees. Some example questions that Ren and her collaborators study are: 1) what Facebook users post about businesses on Facebook business pages and how various types of content lead to engagement, (2) what is the impact of positive and negative word-of-mouth on Facebook and how businesses should respond to negative publicity, (3) what are the cultural differences that global firms face in leveraging Facebook business pages to engage customer across different regions.  Email her if you are interested in learning more about the projects. 


Selected Works

  • Ren, Y., F. M. Harper, S. Drenner, L. Terveen, S. Kiesler, J. Riedl, R. E. Kraut. 2012. Building member attachment in online communities: Applying theories of group identity and interpersonal bonds. Management Information Systems Quarterly, 36(3), 841-864.
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  • Wang, X., B. Butler, Y. Ren. 2013. The impact of membership overlap on the growth: An ecological competition view of online groups. Organization Science, 24(2), 414-431.
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  • Argote, L. Y. Ren. 2012. Transactive memory systems: Micro foundations of dynamic capabilities. Journal of Management Studies, 49(8), 1375-1382.
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  • Ren, Y., J. Chen, J. Riedl. forthcoming. The impact and evolution of group diversity on online collaboration. Management Science.
  • Ren, Y., R. E. Kraut. 2014. Agent-based modeling to inform online community theory and design: Impact of topical breadth, message volume, and discussion moderation on member commitment and contribution. Human-Computer Interaction, 29, 351-389.
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Current Activities

Editorial Appointments

  • Yuqing Ren serves on the editorial board of Organization Science

  • Yuqing Ren serves as an Associate Editor for Management Science, Information Systems Department

Research Grants

  • National Science Foundation Grant on Online Volunteer Communities (IIS-0808692), $2.4 million, 2008-2013 (with John Riedl, Joe Konstan, Loren Terveen, Robert Kraut, Mark Synder)

  • 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award to study corporate use of social media technologies such as wikis, blogs, and social networks

  • University of Minnesota Grant-in-Aid to study the impact of negative publicity on social media, 2012-2014