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Tim Smith

Associate Professor
Bioproducts/Biosystems Engr



Dr. Timothy M. Smith is director of the NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment; and an associate professor of environmental sciences, policy and management, and bioproducts and biosystems engineering at the university. His work focuses on policy and market adoption of technologies that enhance environmental performance, public and private governance of sustainability, and sustainability systems modeling in decision making. Dr. Smith has held the rotating chair in sustainable entrepreneurship at Wageningen University, Netherlands, served on the faculty at INCAE Business School in Costa Rica, and taught in marketing and logistics management at the Carlson School of Management and in the College of Continuing Education at UMN. He is a former AT&T Industrial Ecology Fellow and has advised the Environmental Protection Agency, the General Services Administration, the National Research Council's Committee on Certification of Sustainable Products and Services, and numerous companies and organizations on supply chain sustainability and product-based policies.

Selected Works

  • Smith, T.M. 2013. Climate change: Corporate sustainability in the supply chain, Feature Article, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 69(3) 43–52.
  • Fischlein, M., Smith, T. 2013. Revisiting renewable portfolio standard effectiveness: policy design and outcome specification matter, Policy Sciences, DOI 10.1007/s11077-013-9175-0.
  • Suh, K., Smith, T.*, Linhoff, M. 2012. Leveraging Socially Networked Mobile ICT Platforms for the Last-Mile Delivery Problem, Environmental Science & Technology 46(17):9481-90.
  • Suh, K., Suh, S., Smith, T. 2011. Implications of corn prices on water footprints of bioethanol, Bioresource Technology Volume 102, Issue 7: 4747-4754.

Current Activities

Current Research

  • The NorthStar Initiative for Sustainable Enterprise (NiSE), a program at the INSTITUTE ON THE ENVIRONMENT, works with the private sector – both for-profit and non-profit alike – to understand the systemic sustainability challenges of rapidly expanding production and consumption systems, develop the decision tools necessary to effectively act on these systems, and accelerate innovation beyond marginal greening efforts to more meaningful change.