Miguel Velasco

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Miguel Velasco

PhD Student


  • Bachelor of Science 1996
    Business Administration and Economics Universidad de Deusto

  • Master of Science 2007
    Information Systems Management Loyola University


The purpose of my research is to create a cohesive framework that contributes to our understanding of corruption, why it exists and why it persists. I achieve this goal by addressing two overarching research questions: (1) What strategies of thinking make corrupt acts an acceptable or even preferred form of problem solving behavior? And (2) What features of a social system account for the persistence of corruption in the face of attempts to eradicate it? I describe corruption as the natural outcome of agents interacting in an environment whose characteristics foster corrupt behavior or even incite it, despite the agents' best intentions. Over time, corrupt agents can restructure such an environment so as to better serve their purposes, thus making corruption more difficult to both detect and eradicate.

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