Keith Pennington

Keith Pennington

PhD Candidate
Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship Department


  • MBA 2014
    Purdue University
  • MBA 2014
    Tilburg University
  • MSE 2006
    Biomedical Engineering University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • BSE 2005
    Biomedical Engineering University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


Current Research

“It matters where people live: innovative collaborations and the proximity of inventors’ residences,” with Myles Shaver.  Available at SSRN:3606494

  • Strategic Management Society Special Conference, Frankfurt, 2019 

  • Trans-Atlantic Doctoral Conference, London, 2019

  • AOM Annual Meeting, 2020

“Varying serendipity between inventors” (previous title: “Let’s take this meeting by phone: the effect of the flu on innovative collaboration”). Available at SSRN:3702623

* Job market paper

  • CCC (Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation) Doctoral Conference, 2019

  • VSSC (Virtual Strategy Student Conference), 2020

  • SMS Annual Meeting, 2020

  • EPFL Virtual Innovation Seminar, 2020

“The zika virus' gendered effect on inventor collaborations,” with Sohyun Park

  • Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Minneapolis, 2019

    • Finalist, Best PhD Paper Prize, Knowledge and Innovation IG

    • Nominee, Best Conference Paper Prize

“Co-location, attention, and innovation: evidence from process inspections in medical device firms,” with Alex Wilson

  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Boston, 2019 

“Competition and loyalty in expert agents’ third-party relationships: Why mandated disclosure can become a strategic tool instead of enhancing propriety,” with Sunasir Dutta

  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Chicago, 2018

  • Midwest Strategy Meeting, Ames, 2017

    • Winner, Best Paper award

“When neighbors become colleagues: the effect of a within-town merger on collaboration” 

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