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John Reik

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John W. Reik is the founder and president of John Reik & Associates LLC, Business Training and Consulting. This Minnesota-based firm, founded in 1980, works with both manufacturing and service companies in various business areas.  John is also a founder and principal of Jomar Productions L.L.P., a Minnesota-based video production company dedicated to creating high-quality videotape training programs for the banking industry.

In addition, John has been both a lecturer and Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Minnesota for over 34 years and spent eight years as the senior credit trainer and manager of Credit and Finance Education for First Bank System [now U.S. Bank.]  Previous to his position at the University of Minnesota, John worked as a financial analyst in the Automotive Assembly Division of Ford Motor Company.

John is an honors graduate of Purdue University and the University of Minnesota and holds degrees in management, accounting, finance, and law.  He is past chairman of Robert Morris Associates' Minnesota Chapter Education Committee, a licensed attorney, and a member of the Better Business Bureau's Senior Council of Arbitrators.

John's published articles include: Acquisition Financing: The EBIT Multiple Trap, Cash Flow and Intercompany Investments Parts I and II, Improving Capital Expenditure Cash Flow Calculations, and How to Calculate the "Boil Over" Point of an Acquisition.  His recently-published four-volume book series is entitled Corporate Finance Explained.

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