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Joan Meyers-Levy

Professor, Margaret J Holden and Dorothy A Werlich Endowed Professorship


  • BA 1972
    Journalism University of Wisconsin

  • PhD 1986
    Marketing and Psychology Northwestern University


  • Visual marketing
  • Consumer information processing and psychology
  • Gender differences
  • Marketing communications and persuasion
  • Gender differences in information processing

Joan Meyers-Levy, the Holden-Werlich School-Wide Professor of Marketing at the Carlson School, examines in her research a variety of consumer behavior issues related to visual and verbal communication, memory, information processing, and gender, as well as individual differences.

Her work has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, as well as in several books. In a recent book chapter, Meyers-Levy reports relevant research and discusses how various structural factors in retail environments (e.g., the height of the ceiling in stores, the types of display tables used, the type of store flooring) may affect consumers' judgments of products.

Meyers-Levy was recognized most recently for her extensive research contributions by being awarded the American Marketing Association's 25-Year Consortium Fellow Research Excellence Award. Professor Meyers-Levy served as co-chair for the 2000 Association for Consumer Research (ACR) conference, track chair for the American Marketing Association (AMA) 1997 Summer Educators' Conference, and has assumed other active roles at numerous past ACR and AMA conferences. As has been the case for many years, she serves on the editorial review boards of the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. In addition, she is a frequent reviewer for Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Sloan Management Review, the National Science Foundation, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. 

Meyers-Levy has been a featured guest on numerous media shows such as Dateline NBC, National Public Radio ("Talk of the Nation," "Morning Edition" ), and Chicago's WGN radio and has been the subject of extensive interviews for articles featured in The New Yorker, Chicago Tribune, Minneapolis Star Tribune, and Capital Ideas and for numerous smaller pieces that have appeared in national and international media outlets. Meyers-Levy has also served in an advisory role to several advertising agencies including J. Walter Thompson and Leo Burnett.

Selected Works

  • "Revisiting Gender Differences: What We Know and What Lies Ahead," with B. Loken, Journal of Consumer Psychology, January, 2015.
    Download (533.84 KB)
  • "When Does a Higher Construal Level Increase or Decrease Indulgence? Resolving the Myopia versus Hyperopia Puzzle" with R. Mehta and R. Zhu, Journal of Consumer Research, August 2014
    Download (373.3 KB)
  • "Gender Differences in the Meaning Consumers Infer from Music and Other Aesthetic Stimuli," with R. Zhu, Journal of Consumer Psychology, October 2010.
    Download (924.27 KB)
  • "Context Effects From Bodily Sensations: Examining Bodily Sensations Induced by Flooring and the Moderating Role of Product Viewing Distance," with R. Zhu and L. Jiang, Journal of Consumer Research, June 2010.
    Download (229.25 KB)
  • "Emotional Persuasion: When the Valence Versus Resource Demands of Emotions Influences Consumers' Attitudes," with L. Lau-Gesk, Journal of Consumer Research, December 2009.
    Download (137.15 KB)
  • "The Influence of Self-View on Context Effects: How Display Fixtures Can Affect Product Evaluations," with R. Zhu, Journal of Marketing Research, February 2009.
    Download (183.64 KB)
  • "Gender Differences in Cortical Organization: Social and Biochemical Antecedents and Advertising Consequences," chapter in Attention, Attitude, and Affect in Response to Advertising, E. Clark, T. Brock and D. Stewart (eds.), Erlbaum, 1994
  • "Gender Differences in Information Processing: A Selectivity Interpretation," chapter in Cognitive and Affective Responses to Advertising, P. Cafferata and A. Tybout (eds.), Lexington Books, 1988
  • "Perhaps the Store Made You Purchases It: Toward an Understanding of Structural Aspects of Indoor Shopping Environments," with R. Zhu, in Visual Marketing: From Attention to Action, M. WSedel and R. Pieters (eds.) Erlbaum, forthcoming.

Current Activities

Editorial Appointments

  • Editorial boards: Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology

Honors and Awards

  • American Marketing Association's 25-year Consortium Fellow Research Excellence Award, 2009. Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota Distinguished Research Award, 2008. Society for Consumer Psychology Fellow Award, 2002.

Scholarly Service

  • Panelist for ACR Plenary Session on Current Issues and Challenges in Consumer Research, 2011. Invited speaker at Association for Consumer Research Doctoral Symposium, 2007, 2008, 2009. Co-Chair for Association for Consumer Research Conference, October, 2000. Advisory Board Journal of Consumer Psychology.