James Scoville
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James Scoville

Professor Emeritus
Department of Work and Organizations


  • AB 1961
    Economics Oberlin College

  • AM 1963
    Economics Harvard Univ.

  • PhD 1965
    Economics Harvard Univ.


  • International and comparative industrial relations
  • Labor markets in developing countries

Selected Works

  • "Moral Philosophy, Business Ethics, and the Employment Relationship," with John Budd in Budd and Scoville, eds. (above).
  • "Non-western Ethical Frameworks," with John Lawler and Xiang Yi, in Budd and Scoville, eds., (above)
  • "A Theory of Jobs and Training," Industrial Relations, October 1969.
  • Perspectives on Poverty and Income Distribution, DC Heath, 1971
  • "Remuneration in Afghan Industry," Intl. Lab. Rev., April 1969
  • Manpower and Occupational Analysis: Concepts and Measurements, DC Heath 1972
  • "Afghan Labor Markets: A Model of Interdependence," Industrial Relations, Oct. 1974
  • "Organizing our Thoughts about Workers' Participation," Labour and Society, July 1980
  • "Was Lenin Truly Taylorized?" Industrial Relations, April 2004
  • Jajmani Matrix (entry on this analytical tool in the Intl. Encyc. of the Social Sciences, 2nd Ed.)
  • "The Taylorization of Vladimir Ilich Lenin," Industrial Relations, Spring 2001
  • Status Influences in Third World Labor Markets: Caste, Gender and Custom, DeGruyter, 1991
  • The Job Content of the US Economy, McGraw-Hill, 1969
  • "The Labor Market in Pre-revolutionary Iran," Economic Development and Cultural Change, October 1985
  • "The Traditional Industrial Sector: An Update on its Role and Functioning," American Journal of Economics and Sociology, July 1986
  • "New Tasks for the Theory of the Labor Movement: New Beginnings in Eastern Europe," Labour, Winter 1995
  • "Labor Market Underpinnings of a Caste Economy: Foiling the Coase Theorem," American Journal of Economics and Sociology, October 1996
  • "Compensation: the American Way," with Ross Azevedo, Journal of Comparative International Management, December 2001
  • "The Latin Model of Compensation," with Laura Moran and Nora Wilmot Ragatz, Journal of Comparative International Management, December 2001
  • "Segmentation in the Market for Child Labor: the Economics of Child Labor Revisited," American Journal of Economics & Sociology, July 2002
  • "Discarding facts - the Economics of Caste," Review of Development Economics, August 2003
  • The International Labor Movement In Transition, edited with Adolf Sturmthal, Univ of Illinois Press, 1971
  • Ethics of Human Resources and Industrial Relations, 2005 IRRA/LERA Research volume, edited with John Budd.

Current Activities

Community Relationships

  • Consultant for USAID, International Labor Office, UNDP

  • Listed on the Minnesota and Iowa PERB Arbitration Rosters and FMCS Roster

  • Labor-Management arbitrator

Current Research

  • Social dialogue in the commerce sector

  • Theories of the labor movement

  • Worker participation

  • Third World urban employment problems

Editorial Appointments

  • Perspectives on Work

  • Human Resource Development Review

Scholarly Service

  • Vice President, Annual Program chair (1998), President (1999), International Section of the Industrial Relations Research Association

  • Program Committee member, Industrial Relations Research Association

  • Chair, International Industrial Relations Association study group on urban labor markets