Gaoqing Zhang
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Gaoqing Zhang

Assistant Professor
Accounting Department


  • PhD Accounting 2014
    Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

  • MS Accounting 2011
    Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

  • BSc Finance 2009
    School of Management, Fudan University


  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Institutions
  • Accounting Standard Setting
  • Disclosure Regulation

Gaoqing Zhang joined the Carlson School of Management in 2014 . His research interests include financial institutions, public disclosure and industrial organization. Using a higher-order-belief approach, one of his recent papers sheds some light on why the shadow banking system is inherently fragile and opaque. His research has been published at the Accounting Review and presented at the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and the Financial Reporting Midyear conference. He is also an ad hoc reviewer for Contemporary Accounting Research and AAA annual meetings. Zhang earned his bachelor's degree in Finance from Fudan University in 2009 and a PhD in Accounting from Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University in 2014.

Selected Works

  • (Theory) Accounting Information Quality, Interbank Competition and Bank Risk-Taking, with Carlos Corona and Lin Nan, The Accounting Review, May 2015. High-quality disclosure may exacerbate risk-taking.
    Download (369.08 KB)
  • (Theory) Public Disclosure, Liquidity Risk and the Parallel Banking System. Sole-authored job market paper. Traditional banks might like competing shadow banks that are opaque and fragile.
  • (Theory and Experimental) Aggressive Reporting under Imprecise Standards, with Radhika Lunawart, Kira Pronin and Jack Stecher. Under review. Mark-to-model accounting can cause illiquidity.
    Download (714.21 KB)
  • (Theory) On the Social Value of Accounting Objectivity in Bank Stability, with Pierre Liang. More objective, rather than more accurate, disclosure reduces inefficient bank runs.
    Download (302.73 KB)
  • (Theory) Banks’ Voluntary Adoption of Fair Value Accounting and Interbank Competition, with Carlos Corona and Lin Nan, work in progress. What if banks can choose its use of fair value accounting?

Current Activities