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Colleen Manchester

Associate Professor, Honors Faculty Representative
Department of Work and Organizations


  • BA 2002
    Public Policy Stanford University

  • BA 2002
    Economics Stanford University

  • PhD 2007
    Economics Stanford University


Colleen Flaherty Manchester, PhD, is an associate professor in the Work and Organizations department at the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota. She completed her PhD in economics from Stanford University, with a specialization in labor economics and public finance. She also received her B.A. in both public policy and economics from Stanford University.  Her research investigates the provision of benefits and programs by employers, including flexible work practices, work-family policies, human capital investment, and retirement plans, and the incentives they create for workers.  She seeks to advance a multidisciplinary, multi-method research agenda for studying the effects of workplace practices on the careers of workers.  Her research has been published in leading journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Human Resources, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and Industrial Relations.

Selected Works

  • Goda, Gopi Shah and Colleen Flaherty Manchester. (2013). "Incorporating Employee Heterogeneity into Default Options for Retirement Plan Selection." Journal of Human Resources, 48(1):198-235.
  • Manchester, Colleen Flaherty, Lisa M. Leslie, and Amit Kramer. (2013). "Is the Clock Still Ticking? An Evaluation of the Consequences of Stopping the Tenure Clock." Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 63(1): 1-36.
  • Manchester, Colleen Flaherty and Debra Barbezat. (2013). "The Effect of Time Use in Explaining Male-Female Productivity Differences Among Economists." Industrial Relations, 52(1): 53-77.
  • Leslie, Lisa M., Colleen Flaherty Manchester, Tae-Youn Park, and Si Ahn Mehng. (2012). "Flexible Work Practices: A Source of Career Penalties or Premiums?" Academy of Management Journal, 55: 1407-1428..
  • Manchester, Colleen Flaherty. (2012). "General Skills and Employee Mobility: How Tuition Reimbursement Increases Retention through Sorting and Participation." Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 62(4): 952-974.

Current Activities

Administrative Appointments

  • Carlson School Honors Faculty Representative

Current Research

    • Effect of exponential growth bias and procrastination on retirement contributions. (Grant from TIAA-CREF and Pension Research Council)
    • Partial transferability of training and formal degree programs
    • Role of gender-match between supervisors and subordinates in determining career advancement