Lab Fellows

The Lab Fellows program has existed since 2009.  Each year a small group of outstanding students who have completed the Valuation Lab are selected to be Lab Fellows. 

In the past the Fellows worked side by side with the Medical Devices Center’s Innovation Fellows in the College of Science & Engineering. Now, the Fellows will be working directly with an investment group at Children’s Hospital of Minnesota. Fellows will evaluate investment opportunities, develop evaluation/valuation reports for these opportunities and make presentations to the investment team.

The Fellowship requires a nine-month commitment starting the middle of September. There is no stipend for the Fellowship however, Fellows can take MILI 6998, a course available only to the Fellows, for 2 credits in Fall semester and 2 credits in Spring semester. The amount of time required of the Fellows varies throughout the year it is anticipated that Fellows will review 3-4 opportunities each semester.

"The Fellows provide invaluable insight in the business aspects of medical device innovation. It is a match made in heaven"