Since 2009, MILI has successfully run the MILI Fellows Program. Each year 4-6 outstanding MILI students who have completed the Valuation Lab are selected to work with the Medical Devices Center's Innovation Fellows in the College of Science & Engineering. 

The Innovation Fellows are charged with the development of new products during their year-long fellowship. The MILI Fellows work side by side with the Innovation Fellows and provide the business case for these new products both in the idea stage to triage likely products and during the development phase of selected products. 

The MILI Fellowship does not carry a stipend and requires a year-long commitment starting the beginning of September of each year. The amount of time required of the Fellows varies throughout the year.

If you are interested in the MILI Fellows Program please email Mike Finch at:

"The MILI Fellows provide invaluable insight in the business aspects of medical device innovation. It is a match made in heaven"

- Marie Johnson,
PhD., President and CEO, AUM Cardiovascular

2016-2017 MILI Fellows

Arjun Kataria

My goal is to develop opportunities in the healthcare market place by more effective use of technology, and collaboration across disciplines. While completing my MBA program at Carlson School of Management, I have focused on learning about the challenges facing the healthcare industry, and the business opportunities through the MILI program. I have also been working full time at a healthcare software company as an operation manager,

I have evaluated two innovations through the MILI Valuation Lab this past summer, and am currently participating in the Valuation Lab a second time, where I will evaluate three more projects. I am interested in the MILI Fellows program as an exciting opportunity to work with innovators from the very beginning to explore innovations that are novel and have the market potential. I am also interested in to work with people from varied academic and professional backgrounds to develop business opportunities.

Shuang Liang

My name is Shuang Liang, 2nd year MBA student with a focus on Strategy and Finance. I am originally from China. I received my Master degree in Chemistry from University of Minnesota, and Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Peking University, China. Prior to joining the MBA program, I spent eight years working in the pharmaceutical industry. I started as a drug discovery chemist at a leading pharma, Boehringer Ingelheim at Connecticut, where my responsibility is to identify and optimize drug candidates and advance them into clinical trials. Besides technical experience, I also had privilege to work on various business projects, such as process improvement, outsourcing management and new project identification. I moved back to Twin Cities in late 2014, and joined the Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development at University of Minnesota as lab manager and quality control chemist, where I acquired insights into pharmaceutical manufacturing.

I am passionate about innovation, but realized innovative science could fail to impact people’s life due to the disconnection between science and business. Therefore, I decided to attend the MBA program to acquire systematic business knowledge. I would like to leverage my passion for maximizing the value of innovation with my technical roots and business skills to convert innovative research to sustainable business models. After graduation, I will start my career as an internal consultant at 3M.  

Judi Obeid

My wife and I live in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis where we enjoy the food and coffee scene. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota in supply-chain management and marketing. My career began at General Mills where I worked for several years in a variety of roles. I decided to pursue my MBA to advance my education and shift industries. I chose to focus on medical device marketing to better align my professional work with my personal values. The MILI Fellowship offers me the ability to continue working on projects related to the medical industry and build professional relationships with colleagues with differing expertise. Engineers, marketers, physicians and dozens of other professions will need to work closer than ever to continue improving global health. Therefore, the opportunity to leverage my skills along with my colleagues’ in an academic environment is valuable

Ram Rajagopalan

I’m currently a Management Consultant practicing in the areas of LEAN Transformation and Process Improvement after spending 15 years in non- Med Device manufacturing. The Carlson MBA program has really opened my eyes to the tremendous opportunities that exist for having rewarding careers – both economically and experientially. There were many paths for career switcher to embark on – Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Medical Industry, Data Sciences, Analytics.

The MILI program has been instrumental in me recognizing the possibility of using my operations and engineering experience, coupling it with MBA training and using it to solve health problems. The comprehensive methodology that was taught in Valuation Lab helped me evaluate for the first time new Med Device products and startup companies. Through the MILI Fellows program, I’m seeking to have more practice in real world applications. I believe that repetition is absolutely necessary to hone in on methodology and make it my own. And I believe that the year I spend in working with healthcare professionals and current and future leaders will be a great launching pad for a fulfilling career post-MBA.