MILI Fellows

Since 2009, MILI has successfully run the MILI Fellows Program. Each year 4-6 outstanding MILI students who have completed the Valuation Lab are selected to work with the Medical Devices Center's Innovation Fellows in the College of Science & Engineering. 

The Innovation Fellows are charged with the development of new products during their year-long fellowship. The MILI Fellows work side by side with the Innovation Fellows and provide the business case for these new products both in the idea stage to triage likely products and during the development phase of selected products. 

The MILI Fellowship does not carry a stipend and requires a year-long commitment starting the beginning of September of each year. The amount of time required of the Fellows varies throughout the year.

If you are interested in the MILI Fellows Program, please email Mike Finch at:

"The MILI Fellows provide invaluable insight in the business aspects of medical device innovation. It is a match made in heaven"

– Marie Johnson, PhD., President and CEO, AUM Cardiovascular
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