MILI Student Association (MILIsa)

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Medical Industry Leadership Institute's Student Association (MILIsa) is to develop and promote a sustainable network of professionals, locally and globally, linked to all facets of the medical industry, with the purpose of creating opportunities for success in and transition to the medical industry. The group will accomplish this through interactions with the healthcare community, alumni and other students, whereby gaining exposure to current and relevant topics in the field.

The vision of MILISA is to develop new leaders for success in the global medical industry.


MILIsa Goals

  • Increase the exposure of MILIsa members to the medical community both at the university and in industry
  • Create opportunities for MILIsa members to engage medical industry representatives and recruiters
  • Help prepare MILIsa members for medical industry interviews leading to successful transitions post-graduation

If you want to be involved with MILIsa or have any ideas for topics to discuss at events please send them to: or visit the MILIsa website.


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