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MILI Case Study eStore

MILI recently launched an online store featuring case studies focused on business practices and strategies in the healthcare industry. Through case studies, students are provided an opportunity to examine, analyze, and practice their skills using real-world scenarios. Case studies are written by Carlson School faculty and are available to the public for purchase. Instructors can purchase the Teaching Guide to assist in their assessment of students' work (confirmation of teaching position required). 

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Carlson School Faculty Publications in Healthcare

Carlson School of Management faculty across several departments have published articles related to topics in healthcare since 2018.  Click the link below to view the extensive reference list of faculty publications in healthcare (Carlson faculty noted in bold). This list will be updated on a biannual basis.

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Last updated August 16, 2021

Featured Publications

"In-Home Blood Test for Cancer Screening: Current and Future Outlook. Overcoming the burden of the COVID-19 Pandemic", written for a research project, sponsored by MILI 

By Dan Que Pham (MBA Candidate, 2022), James Eckman (MBA Graduate, 2021), and Shaun Clasby II (MBA Candidate, 2022) 

With all the attention given to the COVID-19 pandemic, non-emergent health services such as cancer screening are in a position of being unnoticed by and large. This research project sought to determine the landscape of cancer screening during and before the pandemic to identify the barriers to cancer screening and what it takes to shape a more effective measure for cancer screening in the United States.


"US Trends in COVID-19-Associated Hospitalization and Mortality Rates Before and After Re-Opening Economies", JAMA Health Forum, 2021

By Sumedha Gupta, PhD, Archelle Georgiou, MD, Soumya Sen, PhD, Kosali Simon, PhD, and Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD

This study quantifies the extent to which hospitalizations and mortality increased as states re-opened their economies using hospitalization data from April - July 2020.  Researchers found the daily trend of hospitalizations after state re-openings was higher, but the change in mortality rate was not significant. 


"IPO Peer Effects", Journal of Financial Economics, 2021 

By Cyrus Aghamolla, PhD and Richard Thakor, PhD

This study investigates whether a private firm's decision to go public affects the IPO decisions of its competitors. The analysis shows that a private firm is significantly more likely to go public after observing the recent IPO of a direct competitor, and this effect is distinct from "hot" market effects or other common shocks.


"How Do Insurance Firms Respond to Financial Risk Sharing Regulations? Evidence From the Affordable Care Act", Health Economics, 2021 

By Daniel Sacks, PhD, Khoa Vu, Tsan-Yao Huang, PhD, and Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD 

This study focuses on risk corridors (RCs) in the context of the Health Insurance Marketplaces established under the Affordable Care Act. The researchers' model shows how RCs provided incentives for some insurers to lower their premiums. However, they found that making a RCs claim before the program was defunded in 2016 is associated with higher premium growth after the program’s demise. 


"Managing Commodity Stock-Outs in Public Health Supply Chains in Developing Countries: An Empirical Analysis", Production and Operations Management, 2021

By Amir Karimi, Anant Mishra, PhD, Karthik V. Natarajan, PhD, Kingshuk K. Sinha, PhD

This study uses a newly-constructed dataset of 4,000 health facilities across multiple continents to model events contributing to supply shortages in the public health sector.  The results of their analysis emphasize the importance of supply-chain management throughout the healthcare field. 

Working Papers

"Merchants of Death: The Effect of Credit Supply Shocks on Hospital Outcomes", National Bureau of Economic Research, 2021 

By Cyrus Aghamolla, PhD, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD, Xuelin Li, and Richard Thakor, PhD (2021)

"Should We Open California Beaches? Coronavirus Trends Vary by County", The Evidence Base, 2020

By Dana Goldman, PhD, Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD, and Stephanie Hedt, MPP

Medical Industry Data Sets

MILI has compiled a document of available medical industry data resources. The document contains information related to insurance, provider, and population data and much more. Each section of the document contains direction on how to access the data set of interest. We hope this is a useful tool that you can use in your jobs, studies, and research. To access the document, please click below:

MILI Research Data Inventory

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