The Exchange

A publication featuring dialogue on medical industry research and application. The content is a summary of research from both academia and the medical industry, followed by commentary on the importance of the research and its application for the industry. Topics highlighted in Exchange will span all sectors of the medical industry and include commentary from leaders of national firms and researchers from the University of Minnesota and other academic institutions.

Latest Issue,  "Just How Good an Investment is the Pharmaceutical Sector" by Richard Thakor, Assistant Professor of Finance, Carlson School of Management. Commentary by Richard Manning, MILI National Industry Council Member & Bates White Partner

PDF iconMILI Exchange S18 (729.58 KB)

Working Papers

This series is written by Carlson students, alumni and friends on topics relevant to today's medical industry.  We hope to not only stimulate discussion but contribute to advancing our knowledge of the medical industry. All papers have completed a review process prior to being posting, but full responsibility for the content of the paper remains with the author(s). Their views do not necessarily reflect those of MILI.

  • Paper: "Valuation of Med-Tech Start-ups" by Douglas Paulsen, PT MBA candidatePDF iconMILI paper_ Paulsen (150.9 KB)

  • Paper: “The Medical Industry Leadership Institute – Valuation Lab: Entrepreneurialism at Work” by Amy Gelhorn, Pharm D, MBA ‘15PDF iconWorking Paper - Gelhorn (209.16 KB)

  • Presentation: “3D Printing in the Medical Device Industry” by Paul Goetz, MBA ‘16, Broc Morgan, MBA ‘16, Josh Sopeth, MBA ‘16PDF iconMILI paper_Sopeth (1.38 MB)

  • Paper:  “Data Ownerships of Big Data Usages in Healthcare Industry” by Stephen Li, MBA Candidate 2017PDF iconMILI paper_Li (248.8 KB)