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December 2022: The Emerging Healthcare Delivery Ecosystem: Foundational Trends Reshaping the Way Healthcare is Organized and Delivered in the US

Co-hosted by:  Stephen Parente, PhD and Thom Gunderson MBA

Featuring: Cynthia A. Fisher, MBA, Theodore Merkel, and R. Lawrence Van Horn, PhD, MPH, MBA


Fireside Chat

November 2022: The Voters Have Spoken. Now What? A Discussion with Medtech Leaders

Co-hosted by:  Stephen Parente, PhD and Thom Gunderson MBA

Featuring: John Michael O'Brien, President and CEO of the National Pharmaceutical Council, and Clayton Hall, Executive VP of Government Affairs at the Medical Device Manufacturers Association

Fireside Chat

October 2022: Healthcare 3.0: Primary Care as a Consumer Product

Co-hosted by:  Stephen Parente PhD and Thom Gunderson MBA



Lawrence Diamond, MBA, CEO, Mitesco, Inc.

Previously Recorded Lab Chats


September 2022: Price Transparency From Medical Insurers is Live - Now What? Let's Check in with the National Architects of Price Transparency Policy

August 2022: Special Edition Dockside Chat - Mike Finch Tribute

July 2022: Medical Industry Entrepreneurship in Brazil

June 2022: How to be Successful in (Medtech) Business Without Really Trying: Driving Successful Businesses Both Large and Small

May 2022: Balancing Innovation, Access and Affordability in our Health Care System

April 2022: Overnight Success - A Twenty Year Journey, Featuring Nadim Yared

March 2022: Global Regulatory Landscape, Featuring Susan Alpert, Mark Kramer and Winifred Wu

February 2022: RoundtableRx, Featuring Rachel Rockwell

January 2022: Our Predictions are in - Medtech Trends 2022, Featuring Angela Gillespie

November 2021: Operation Warp Speed: The Value of Public-Private Partnerships, Featuring Eric Hargan

October 2021: Health Tech Vision 2021, Featuring Jenica McHugh

September 2021: Discover the Valuation Lab Advantage, Featuring Stephan Dunning, Beth Lindborg, Adam Rao, and Dane Stimart

August 2021: West Coast Medical Industry Entrepreneurship: Is it More Musk or Bezos? Featuring Adrine Chung and Thomas Cloyd

July 2021: The Journey of How We Got to the Starting Line with Marani, Featuring Ann Holder and Kathleen Tune

June 2021: Last Call or First Call for Consumer Driven Health Policy & Reform? Featuring Charles E. Phelps

Mary 2021: Update on Early Stage Investments in Healthcare, Featuring Josh Baltzell

April 2021: Eye of the Storm: Current Events in Business and Health, Featuring Thomas Gunderson and Stephen Parente

Medical Technology Commercialization Bootcamp Seminars!

Innovation to Impact is an opportunity for med tech innovators to see "eye to eye" at a series of hybrid events. Recordings of the seminars are available below!

Medical Price Transparency

Implications of new price transparency rules to health systems, providers, patients, payers and med tech innovators

Beware the Chokepoints - Regulatory and Reimbursing panel

Experts in med tech regulation, reimbursement and intellectual property explain how to navigate the commercialization process

What I Know That I Wish I Knew - Innovators Panel

Med tech innovators and entrepreneurs share their early mistakes and surprises, and how they could be avoided

Predicting Med Tech Success - Valuation Lab

A case study from the Medical Industry Leadership Institute valuation lab that illustrates how to assess med tech business potential

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