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Case Competition Final Presentations: Cybersecurity Threats in a Hospital Setting

November 1, 2021, 5:00 - 6:00 pm CT

Cybersecurity is a growing focus in the medical industry, and so is the need for next-generation problem solvers ready to tackle these issues head-on. The University of Minnesota’s Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity (CMDC) and the Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) are hosting a hackathon for graduate, professional, and undergraduate students interested in addressing this interdisciplinary and growing challenge around cybersecurity in healthcare. Visit the Competition website to learn more

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The Landscape of Nonprofit Health Plans in Minnesota

Featuring Minnesota Council of Health Plans

November 10, 2021, 4:00 - 5:30 pm CT

MILI in collaboration with the Minnesota Council of Health Plans (MCHP) is hosting a webinar on the landscape of nonprofit health plans in Minnesota. Learn about MCHP, the impact of nonprofit health plans, leading industry trends, and the employment outlook.  MILI Academic Director Prof. Pinar Karaca-Mandic will lead this engaging discussion with Lucas Nesse, (President & CEO, MCHP), Andrea Walsh (President & CEO, HealthPartners), and John Naylor (President & CEO, Medica).

The MCHP works to improve health in Minnesota by supporting the work of the state’s nonprofit health plans. MCHP brings together nonprofit plans to focus on solving problems and finding opportunities to make the health care system work better. By virtue of being local nonprofits, their member plans serve Minnesota policyholders, not Wall Street shareholders. 

Panel Discussion: 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Virtual Networking: 5:00 - 5:30 pm



Save the Date! Lunch & Learn with EIR Dr. Archelle Georgiou

November 15, 12:00 - 1:00 pm CT

MILI will host an engaging Lunch and Learn event for Carlson School students with Executive in Residence Dr. Archelle Georgiou, Chief Health Officer, Starkey Hearing.  Dr. Georgiou will provide insights into how hearing loss can have a significant effect on your overall wellness and highlight how modern technology can improve an individuals' quality of life, industry challenges and more.  Additional information coming soon!


MILI Past Events

Lunch & Learn with EIR Gopal Khanna

MILI Executive in Residence Mr. Gopal Khanna talked with students about the future of healthcare and the transformation that needs to happen including the challenges and forces at play to redefine this space moving forward which will affect organizations, entrepreneurs and more. 

Watch the recorded presentation       View the presentation slides

Recorded on October 21, 2021

Additional resources: Virginia Mason: Telehealth Landscape (presentation slides, 2019); Virginia Mason: Access In Calm or In Crisis: Leveraging a Management System to Continuously Improve Patient Care (presentation slides, 2020)


The Changing Market of Biosimilars

Featuring Prime Therapeutics

Biologics have revolutionized the treatment of care, but often at high prices. The Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act (BPCIA) of 2010 created a pathway for approval and market launch of “biosimilar” products with the goal of introducing affordable alternatives and enhancing competition. As the biosimilar market evolves with new biosimilars coming to market, it is essential to consider patient, provider, payer, manufacturer, and policy dynamics that influence uptake and affordability. 

This virtual panel discussion, led by MILI and Prime Therapeutics leadership, introduces the biosimilars landscape and discusses coverage and pricing of biosimilars, provider-level factors influencing uptake, legislative challenges, and manufacturer perspectives.

watch the recorded presentation           view the presentation slides

Recorded on October 13, 2021


MILI Kickoff

MILI celebrated the start of the new academic year with MILI Executives in Residence, Affiliates, and students. Attendees learned about MILI courses, experiential learning opportunities, mentoring, MILI student associations, and more.   

Watch the recorded presentation      view the presentation slides

Recorded on September 14, 2021


MILI Sponsored COVID-19 MBA Research Project Presentations

In 2020 MILI launched a research program to support MBA students during the pandemic. This research program continued this summer as MILI sponsored two innovative projects giving students the opportunity to work alongside industry mentors and explore solutions to real-world issues in healthcare. Learn about students' research and findings as they presented their work. 



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Recorded on August 31, 2021


CONVENE Conference

Health Equity: "The Hill We Climb", Inspired by Amanda Gorman

MILI's 3rd annual CONVENE explored the role of data in driving change in the healthcare system specifically related to mental health, health equity, and social determinants of health. The first-ever virtual CONVENE included 3 days of engaging content from dynamic and influential leaders in healthcare.  Featured speakers included Dr. Tom Insel, Jennifer DeCubellis, Dr. Sachin Jain, and Dr. Cara James.  

Visit the conference website to learn more and watch the recorded sessions.

Watch the recorded presentations  

Recorded on April 19, 20, & 21, 2021


Interdisciplinary Health Data Competition: Final Presentations 

The University of Minnesota Interdisciplinary Health Data Competition began in 2020 to promote interdisciplinary dialogue on how to use data to address current healthcare challenges. In this competition, students complete an exploratory analysis of specified datasets to provide innovative solutions and insights using data science tools and methodologies.  This event encourages graduate students across all disciplines at the Twin Cities campus to practice, enhance, and showcase their understanding of real-world healthcare problems and their abilities to solve them with innovative use of data science. 

The 2nd annual competition asked teams of graduate students to complete an exploratory analysis of at least one of the HHS COVID-19 related datasets - the COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by Facility or the Community Profile Report.  Watch the recording of the live presentations to learn about the research and findings from the top 5 teams. 

Watch the recorded presentations

All content in the webinar is the property of the presenters. Duplication of their work is prohibited. 

Recorded March 30, 2021


MILI Sponsored COVID-19 MBA Research Project Presentations

This summer MILI worked with students, affiliates, and Carlson colleagues to develop a research program to support MBA students who lost their internships or were unexpectedly unemployed. MBA student researchers were joined by their industry advisors and the MILI community to present their projects and celebrate their work.   


  • James Burzynski, PharmD, part-time MBA: "Multisensor monitoring of patients to improve care delivery during COVID" 
  • Arijit Chanda, full-time MBA: "MedWorx: Development of virtual reality-based solutions for anatomy visualization, medical device design, and implementation"
  • Matthew Spanovich, full-time MBA: "Antiviral Thermoplastics: Environmental intervention to combat COVID-19 and healthcare-associated infections"

Watch the recorded webinar

All content in the webinar is the property of the presenters. Duplication of their work is prohibited.  

Recorded December 11, 2020


The Current State & Future of Telemedicine 

In this webinar, telemedicine visionary Jonathan Pearce, CEO of Zipnosis, and digital health attorney Ryan S. Johnson, Esq. of Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., joined MILI Academic Director Prof. Pinar Karaca-Mandic to discuss the current state and future of the rapidly evolving telemedicine and digital health industry.  Discussion topics included emerging telehealth business models, key legal and regulatory issues, technological innovation in telehealth, and the future of the telehealth industry.  

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded November 10, 2020


Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Technology Innovation

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute and the MN Chapter of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SoPE) co-hosted this webinar aimed to bring awareness to the lack of diversity and inclusion in the medical technology space, specifically addressing innovation. Dr. Siatta Dunbar, a physician at MHealth Fairview moderated a discussion with Kathy Tune (Board Chair and CFO/COO, Odonata Health), Kwame Ulmer (Venture Partner at Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health, and Founding Member of MedTechColor), and Martha Sewall (Executive in Residence for Discovery LaunchPad at the UMN Office of Technology Commercialization) on how to overcome the barriers and encourage innovation within underrepresented groups in order to diversify the pool of innovators. 

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded November 6, 2020


A Critical Collaboration Between a Pharmacy Benefit Manager & Health Plan During COVID-19 Pandemic

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota & Prime Therapeutics Share Challenges and Success

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic was an environment with rapidly changing information about potential pharmaceutical treatments and risks of continued use of common drugs to treat the disease. During this time, many states issued legislative mandates related to prescribing and coverage of various treatments requiring pharmacy benefit managers and payers to change how they manage pharmaceutical claims.  David Lassen, PharmD, Chief Clinical Officer, Prime Therapeutics, and Randall Hanna, R.Ph, Vice President for Pharmacy, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, joined MILI Academic Director, Prof. Pinar Karaca-Mandic, to share how their organizations worked together to make decisions on utilization management, and adapt to emerging clinical evidence, and regulatory guidance. 

This webinar was hosted by MILI as part of the Business School Alliance for Health Management virtual series “Lessons Learned in the Healthcare Marketplace in the COVID era”.

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded October 28, 2020


UMN COVID-19 Analytics Symposium

The Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI), Management Information Systems Research Center (MISRC), and Center for Nursing Informatics hosted an interdisciplinary healthcare analytics symposium focusing on COVID-19 related research.  The symposium featured presentations on the COVID-19 Hospitalization Tracking Project (Carlson School); on social determinants of health and resilience in communities during COVID-19 (School of Nursing); on disparities and continuity of care during COVID-19 (Carlson School); on the impact of COVID-19 on cancer patients and oncology physicians (School of Public Health); and on removing bias from ML algorithms to ensure proper medical attention and care for all during COVID-19 (Virtusa).  

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded October 7, 2020


MILI Kickoff

MILI kicked off the academic year with MILI Executives in Residence, Affiliates, and students! New to MILI? Watch the recorded webinar to learn about the opportunities that MILI offers including experiential learning, mentoring, MBA and Undergraduate student associations, career development, and more.   

Watch the recorded webinar          View the presentation slides

Recorded October 6, 2020


The ROI of Investing in Social Determinants of Health

Kurt Waltenbaugh, Founder & CEO of Carrot Health Inc., joined MILI Academic Director, Prof. Karaca-Mandic to examine how business investments in the drivers of social determinants of health (SDoH) can lead to reductions in overall health care costs. During this webinar, Mr. Waltenbaugh discussed research and programs at Carrot Health targeting consumer health behavior and outcomes including data needs, how emergency department super-utilization and readmission rates are affected by SDoH, how Carrot Health addresses bias, and the steps they take to minimize health inequities.   

Watch the recorded webinar          View the presentation slides 

Recorded September 22, 2020


The Coventor: Its Development, Implications, & Lessons Learned

The leaders of the Coventor team from the Earl E. Bakken Medical Devices Center, UnitedHealth Group, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific joined MILI Academic Director, Prof. Pinar Karaca-Mandic, to tell the story of the Coventor's development, discuss key factors to its success, examine implications moving forward, and reflected on the lessons learned.

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded August 3, 2020


The Future of Healthcare: What Will it Look Like? Who Will Lead It? 

MILI Academic Director, Prof. Karaca-Mandic, moderated a two-part session discussing COVID-19 and the future of healthcare. Prof. Karaca-Mandic had a conversation with Dr. Eva Enns, a leading decision scientist at the University of Minnesota who helped create the Minnesota COVID model. Prof. Karaca-Mandic then led a 60-minute discussion with a panel of healthcare experts from UnitedHealthcare, Optum, and Mayo Clinic to explore the future of healthcare. 

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded July 21, 2020


Business of Healthcare Minor Information Session

Prof. Pinar Karaca-Mandic, Academic Director of MILI, presented an informational session for undergraduate students to learn about the new undergrad Business of Healthcare minor and opportunities with MILI.  Watch the recorded webinar for an overview of the Business of Healthcare minor and courses, and hear from the presidents of MILIu (MILI undergraduate student association) and MILIsa (MILI graduate student association). 

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded May 6, 2020


Social Determinants of Health Symposium 

Social determinants of health (SDoH) shapes the well-being and health of individuals, impact health equity, and drive a large fraction of healthcare costs.  While a growing number of public and private initiatives emphasize SDoH, they are executed in silos. There is a need to better connect the healthcare system to social services and public initiatives within a community context. 

Industry experts from Allina Health, Prime West Health, UnitedHealth Group, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota joined MILI Academic Director Prof. Karaca-Mandic to examine unique best practices and discuss the social & business value of measuring and addressing SDoH in the health care system.  

Watch the recorded webinar 

Recorded April 27, 2020


UMN Interdisciplinary Health Data Competition

The University of Minnesota hosted its first health data competition.  The goal of the competition was to promote interdisciplinary dialogue around real-world healthcare challenges and provide innovative solutions using data science tools and methodologies.  This event encouraged graduate students across the Twin Cities campus to practice, enhance, and showcase their understanding of real-world healthcare problems and their abilities to solve them with innovative use of data science.  Students were asked to explore the Minnesota Department of Health's newly released pharmaceutical use and cost files from the MN All Payer Claims Database with the goal of generating innovative insights and recommendations pertaining to rising drug costs. 

Visit the Health Data Competition website to watch the winning teams' presentations. 

Presented April 24, 2020


MILI Lecture Series featuring Ralph Hall, JD

The Constitutionality of the ACA - Current Status, Implications, and Next Steps

Recently, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the decision by a federal district court that the minimum essential coverage provision, a key element of the Affordable Care Act, is unconstitutional.  The appellate court also addressed the question of severability - namely what other aspects of the ACA, if any, are also invalid as a result of the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate. Remember that the district court had held that all of the ACA is invalid as a result of the unconstitutionality of the individual mandate. The appellate court, however, held that a more nuanced assessment of severability is needed and remanded the case back to the district court.  The Supreme Court has now said that it will hear the case.   

Join Ralph Hall, JD, as he discussed the constitutional issues raised by this case, current implications, and possible resolutions. 

Watch the recorded webinar

Recorded March 23, 2020


Healthcare Research Bytes Webinar Series

In our February webinar, Prof. Hannah Neprash joined Prof. Pinar Karaca-Mandic in a conversation about Prof. Neprash's new publication on how physician workforce turnover contributes to changes in physician organizations. 

Visit the Healthcare Research Bytes series website to register for upcoming webinars and to view past webinars. 

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