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Carlson School Marketing Faculty are often recognized in local and national media sources for their research on a variety of subjects. Subjects ranging from decision fatigue to pricing strategies; featured in Forbes, Mindful, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Vox, and the Twin Cities very own, StarTribune and WCCO. Our faculty lend their expertise to explain academics in the 'real world'.

George John

Carlson School Professor featured on WCCO

Carlson School of Management Marketing Professor, George John contributed to CBS Minnesota: Target’s ‘Shipt’ Delivery Service To Compete With Amazon




Learn More About our Faculty in the Media:

  • Prof. Rao on CBS Minnesota - 12/14/15

  • How Money Affects Kids: Handling Money Makes Children Want to Work Harder, Give Less

    Prof. Vohs in Glamour - 12/4/15

  • Kids Who Handle Money Work Harder, but There's a Downside

    Prof. Vohs in Fortune - 12/4/15

  • Hy-Vee impact: from consumers to competitors

    Prof. George John on Channel 12 TV - 9/22/15

  • The Best Way to Spend Less: Eat More

    Prof. Jing Xu in Men's Health - 9/21/15

  • General Mills gets buzz with HefeWheaties beer

    Prof. George John in Marketplace - 9/18/15

  • Fix the One Thing Creative People Always Do Wrong

    Prof. Vohs and Prof. Redden in Inc. - 9/10/15

  • Less is more, except when it’s not: Why minimalism isn’t for everyone

    Prof. Vohs and Prof. Redden in The Globe and Mail - 9/9/15

  • 5 Habits of Highly Disciplined People

    Prof. Vohs in Fast Company - 8/5/15

  • The Condensed Guide to Running Meetings

    Prof. Vohs in the Harvard Business Review - 7/6/15

  • Parents shield girls more in downturns, U study says

    Prof. Redden and Prof. Griskevicius in the Star Tribune - 7/3/15

  • There’s one thing Primates of Park Avenue definitely doesn’t exaggerate: The obscene power of the designer purse.

    Prof. Yajin Wang and prof. Griskevicius in Slate - 7/1/15

  • Bad news for boys: Researchers say parents prefer daughters if times get tough

    Prof. Redden and Prof. Griskevicius in the Daily Mail UK - 6/29/15

  • When times are tough, parents favor daughters over sons

    Prof. Redden and Prof. Griskevicius in - 6/29/15

  • The Psychology of Messiness & Creativity

    Prof. Redden in - 6/20/15

  • Got a Fever? Press Cash to Your Forehead

    Prof. Vohs in The Wall Street Journal - 6/14/15

  • Is Being Messy Bad? 5 Ways Disorganized People May Be Fundamentally Different Than Clean Freaks

    Prof. Vohs in Bustle - 5/18/15

  • Memories, Marketing and Money (Jim Karrh On Marketing)

    Prof. Vohs in Arkansas Business - 4/27/15

  • Study: Any Type of Shopping While Hungry Can Be Dangerous For Your Wallet

    Prof. Jing Xu in CBS DC - 4/20/15

  • Will the Web Kill Nostalgia?

    Prof. Vohs in Pacific Standard - 3/31/15

  • What are the benefits to residents of living in an economically diverse city?

    Prof. Shaver in WalletHub - 3/15/15

  • Does money make you mean?

    Prof. Vohs in The Nation - 3/17/15

  • Does money make you mean?

    Prof. Vohs in BBC News - 3/16/15

  • A Short History Of Target

    Prof. John in CBS Minnesota - 3/10/15

  • Does Money Make You Mean?

    Prof. Vohs in BBC - 3/15/15

  • Why Shopping on an Empty Stomach Is a Bad Idea

    Prof. Xu in Pacific Standard - 2/17/15

  • U Of M Study: Hungry Shopping Can Influence Nonfood Purchases, Too

    Prof. Xu in CBS Minnesota - 2/17/15

  • Shopping while hungry? You could end up with a new TV

    Prof. Xu in The Telegraph - 2/17/15

  • Never Shop Hungry

    Prof. Xu in The Atlantic - 2/17/15

  • Is it better to be a messy or tidy person at work?

    Prof. Vohs in The Telegraph - 2/5/15

  • Best Valentine’s gift? Maybe a heart-to-heart about money

    Prof. Griskevicius in The Dallas Morning News - 2/5/15

  • Why I'd rather get nothing than the $30 you offered me on Craigslist

    Prof. Griskevicius in The Star Tribune - 2/4/15

  • Target Cutting 550 Jobs In Minnesota

    Prof. George John on CBS Minnesota - 2/11/15

  • How to organize your desk to do your best work

    Prof. Vohs in The Washington Post - 1/6/15

  • Talking Points: Will Gas Prices Continue To Fall?

    Prof. Rao on WCCO CBS Minnesota - 1/4/15

  • Polaroid has new owners, new image


  • Polaroid has new owners, new image

    Prof. Rao on Kare 11 - 12/29/14

  • The science and art of stocking holiday shelves

    Prof. Rao in Marketplace - 12/26/14

  • Being a Good Leader Makes You More Attractive

    Prof. Griskevicius in The Harvard Business Review - 12/4/14

  • Schafer: Success is about more than what you own

    Prof. Vohs in Star Tribune - 11/26/14

  • Best Buy site crashes twice on Black Friday

    Prof. George John on Kare 11 - 11/28/14

  • Experts say it would be a mistake if Adrian Peterson ever used again in Vikings marketing

    Prof. George John in the Pioneer Press - 11/18/14

  • Kathleen Vohs on President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg's Approach to Dressing

    Prof. Vohs in Frequency - 12/5/14

  • The Genius of Wearing the Same Outfit Every Day

    Prof. Vohs in Business 2 Community - 11/17/14

  • Good Question: Will We Ever Be Wallet Free?

    Prof. Rao in WCCO CBS Minnesota - 10/28/14

  • Belief in Free Will Supports Ethical Behavior

    Prof. Vohs in Slate - 10/30/14

  • Just Looking at Cash Makes People Selfish and Less Social

    Prof. Vohs in The Atlantic - 10/30/14

  • Partisan lenses: Beauty lies in your political affiliation

    Prof. Griskevicius in Science Daily - 10/15/14

  • Kindness Boosts Status in Some Cultures

    Prof. Torelli in Scientific American - 10/16/14

  • I Tried to Make a Search Engine Write Me a Poem

    Prof. Vohs in The New York Times - 9/25/14

  • Gov. Dayton, Sen. Franken call for Vikings to suspend Adrian Peterson

    Prof. George John in Pioneer Press - 9/16/14

  • Nostalgia SURGE! Cult Favorite Foods & Drinks Back from the Dead

    Prof. Vohs in Time Magazine - 9/22/14

  • How Environment Can Boost Creativity

    Prof. Vohs in The Atlantic - 9/19/14

  • Can Looking At Food Photos Make You Feel Full?

    Prof. Redden in NPR - 9/15/14

  • Nadworny: The Money Effect

    Prof. Vohs in Vermont Public Radio - 8/22/2014

  • New Outlet Mall in Eagan Signals a Retailing Shift

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 8/10/14

  • How to Stay Focused and Get Results (Faster) with a One-Page Strategic Plan

    Prof. Vohs in The Agency Post - 8/1/14

  • The Nostalgia Effect: Do Consumers Spend More When Thinking about the Past?

    Prof. Vohs in - 7/22/14

  • Nostalgia Prompts People to Spend More

    Prof. Vohs in Business Standard - 7/28/14

  • How Private Colleges Are Like Cheap Sushi

    Prof. Rao on NPR - 7/12/14

  • Nostalgia 'Makes People Spend More Money'

    Prof. Vohs in BBC News - 7/23/14

  • Alibaba - Meet China's Online Giant

    Prof. Cui in Against the Grain - 7/21/14

  • Economic Dependence Promotes Prudishness

    Prof. Vohs in the Huffington Post - 7/9/14

  • An Indulgent Life Isn't Necessarily a Happy Life

    Prof. Vohs in New York Magazine - 7/14/14

  • There's a Vast Difference Between Being Messy and Being Dirty

    Prof. Vohs in the Montreal Gazette - 6/30/14

  • People Will Buy Bad Products If They Are Reviewed Negatively But Politely

    Prof. Vohs in New York Magazine - 6/27/14

  • 3 Surprising Ways To Find More Time Each Day

    Prof. Vohs in Business Insider - 6/15/14

  • What Happens to a Society That Does Not Believe in Free Will?

    Prof. Vohs in Scientific American (requires subscription) - June 2014

  • When To Say Yes To The Messy Desk

    Prof. Vohs in Forbes - 5/23/14

  • 4 Reasons You Can't Trust Yourself

    Prof. Vohs in Psychology Today - 5/28/14

  • 7 Breakthrough Business Thinkers to Watch

    Prof. Vohs in Inc. Magazine - 5/27/14

  • When Walmart Leaves, There Go the Shops in the Neighborhood

    Prof. Bergen in the Pioneer Press - 5/19/14

  • Why We Should Embrace (and Be Inspired) by Our Untidy Homes

    Prof. Vohs in Financial Times - 5/16/14

  • Why Negative Reviews Can Be Good For Business

    Prof. Vohs' research in Forbes - 5/6/14

  • The Beer Ritual

    Prof. Vohs' research in - 5/13/14

  • What Target's Steinhafel Did Wrong, and Didn't

    Prof. Forbes and Rao on MPR's The Daily Circuit - 5/5/14

  • Target CEO Resigns after Breach

    Prof. Rao on FOX9 - 5/5/14

  • 3 Surprising Ways Your Office Shapes Your Success

    Prof. Meyers-Levy in Business Insider - 5/5/14

  • Do You Have What It Takes for Success?

    Prof. Vohs in Bloomberg Businessweek - 4/24/14

  • Brands May Benefit from Negative Reviews

    Prof. Vohs in Consumer Affairs - 4/15/14

  • The Psychology of Messiness: How Disorder Can Make You More Creative

    Prof. Vohs in Inc. - 4/2/14

  • New Study Says That Ovulating Women May Buy More Status Goods

    Prof. Griskevicius in the Star Tribune - 3/25/14

  • Clashing Over Office Clutter

    Profs. Redden and Vohs' research in the Wall Street Journal - 3/18/14

  • Credit Card Fees: Most Common Types, How to Avoid Them & More

    Prof. Vitorino in CardHub

  • Touching Boxer Shorts Makes Women Think Differently

    Prof. Vohs in Scientific American - 3/4/14

  • The Compassion Gap

    Prof. Vohs's research in the New York Times - 3/1/14

  • Researchers Say Ovulation Alters Women's Economic Decisions

    Prof. Griskevicius in Phys.Org - 2/26/14

  • Women get super-competitive once a month

    Prof. Griskevicius in Science Blog - 2/26/14

  • Experts: Target Will Survive Profit Drop

    Prof. John on KARE - 2/26/14

  • Two Carlson Professors Honored

    Profs. Vohs and Griskevicius in the Minnesota Daily - 2/13/14

  • Naming Rights Deal Whispers Begin, Years ahead of Schedule

    Dave Hopkins in the Star Tribune - 2/1/14

  • Sucking the Marrow out of Life - with Ritual

    Prof. Vohs in Psychology Today - 1/31/14

  • What Will Shout-out from Obama Deliver for Punch Pizza?

    Dave Hopkins in Bring Me The News - 1/29/14

  • What is Ego Depletion?

    Prof. Vohs on BBC Radio - 1/13/14

  • Luxury Brands Add Value with Charity Partnerships

    Prof. Torelli's in Financial Times - 1/19/14

  • The Pop-up Store May Be Here to Stay

    Prof. George John in the Pioneer Press - 1/19/14

  • Target Beta Testing Small Format Store In Dinkytown

    Prof. George John on WCCO - 1/17/14

  • Target Lays off Nearly 500 Workers

    Prof. Akshay Rao on KARE - 1/22/14

  • Data Breach Highlights Pros, Cons of Credit vs. Debit

    Prof. George John on KARE - 1/20/14

  • Schafer: Food Firms Scramble to Embrace Latest Fads

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 1/13/14

  • 5 Ways You'll Be Seduced Into Buying More This Year

    Prof. Meyers-Levy in The Huffington Post - 1/10/14

  • Are We Really Irrational, or Just Adaptively Rational?

    Prof. Griskevicius in research. - 1/7/14

  • Turn Down Perfectionism and Turn Up Success: Four Possible Ways

    Prof. Vohs in Psych Central - Jan. 2014

  • The Perfect Workspace (According to Science)

    Prof. Vohs in 99U - Jan. 2014

  • Kathleen Vohs Receives Anneliese Maier Research Award

    Prof Vohs in Observations - 1/2/14

  • Target Security Breach Fallout Continues

    Prof. Akshay Rao on KARE - 12/21/13

  • Women Hate Sexy Ads, Unless They're for Something Expensive Read more: Women Hate Sexy Ads, Unless They're for Something Expensive

    Prof. Vohs in TIME - 12/4/13

  • Self-Affirmation May Combat Cognitive Effects Of Poverty: Remembering Past Successes Improves IQ By Several Points

    Prof. Vohs in Medical Daily - 12/17/13

  • Luxury Shopping, from the Other Side of the Register

    Prof. Vohs's research in The New Yorker - 12/3/13

  • New Research: Rituals Make Us Value Things More

    Prof. Vohs in the HBR Blog Network - 12/12/13

  • Eyes Aren't on the Prize, They Are Closed to Sexism of Ads

    Prof. Vohs in the Belfast Telegraph - 12/12/13

  • Tevlin: Punch Giving Its Employees a Bigger Slice of the Pizza

    Dave Hopkins in the Star Tribune - 12/10/13

  • Study Finds Sex Doesn't Sell -- Or At Least Not Cheap Crap to Women

    Prof. Vohs in PolicyMic - 12/6/13

  • 10 Traits Men Appreciate Most in Women

    Prof. Griskevicius in Shy Magazine

  • The Dark Side of the Green Consumer

    Prof. Griskevicius in Psychologies Today

  • Sexual Ads Turn Women Off, Unless It's For Posh Items

    Prof. Vohs in PsychCentral - 12/5/13

  • Man Cave Worldwide Expands to Retail Sales

    John Stavig in the Star Tribune - 12/1/13

  • Target Preps for Black Friday with Multimedia Deals

    Prof. Akshay Rao in USA Today - 11/27/13

  • CardHub's 8 Gift Card Tips for 2013

    Prof. Cui in CardHub - 11/25/13

  • Ask the Experts: Outlook for Holiday Shopping 2013

    Prof. Akshay Rao in CardHub - 11/18/13

  • Retailers Will Try Bag of Tricks to Woo Black Friday Shoppers

    Prof. Bergen in the Star Tribune - 11/18/13

  • Stadium naming rights could reach $10 million a year

    Prof. Akshay Rao on KARE - 11/12/13

  • Hallmark Apologizes For Omitting 'Gay' From Holiday Ornament

    Prof. Akshay Rao on WBUR - 11/4/13

  • A Messy Desk Encourages a Creative Mind, Study Finds

    Prof. Vohs in American Psychological Association - Oct. 2013

  • Too Many Pictures on Instagram Ruins Appetite

    Prof. Redden's research in Metro India - 10/31/13

  • How to Avoid a Price War

    Prof. Bergen and Prof. Akshay Rao in Entrepreneur - 10/28/13

  • NerdWallet Book Club: The Rational Animal

    Prof. Griskevicius's book in the NerdWallet Investing - 10/29/13

  • Should You Bribe Your Kids?

    Prof. Vohs's research in the New York Times - 10/26/13

  • Don't Tidy Up Before You Do Your Creative Thinking

    Prof. Redden and Vohs's research in the Harvard Business Review - 10/23/13

  • How Our Choices May Be A Question Of DNA

    Prof. Griskevicius on KUOW - 10/21/13

  • How Poverty Depletes Brain Power

    Prof. Vohs in the Deseret News - 10/17/13

  • Can Psychologists Predict Whether Just-Christened George Is Heading for a Happy or a Meaningful Life?

    Prof. Vohs in the Huffington Post - 10/24/13

  • Halloween Spending Expected to Decline Slightly this Year

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 10/20/13

  • Caveman Rationality

    Review of Prof. Griskevicius's book in Psychology Today - 10/14/13

  • It's a Prime Week for Warehouse Sales in Minnesota

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 10/8/13

  • Validation for Our Messiness

    Prof. Vohs in the Petoskey News - 10/7/13

  • Why Consumer Irrationality Isn't So Irrational

    Prof. Griskevicius's presentation at Advertising Week - 9/26/13

  • Rationality and Evolution

    Prof. Griskevicius on Access Minnesota - 9/16/13

  • Is the Gender Ratio in Your Town Making You Broke?

    Prof. Griskevicius in Men's Fitness

  • What Your Messy Desk Says About You (It's a Good Thing)

    Prof. Vohs in Smithsonian Magazine - 9/25/13

  • Quick Reads: "The Rational Animal" by Douglas T. Kenrick and Vladas Griskevicius

    Prof. Griskevicius's book in Mother Jones - 9/16/13

  • Women Use Luxury Accessories to Deter Romantic Rivals

    Prof. Griskevicius's research in the Harvard Business Review - 9/26/13

  • Before You Straighten Up Your Desk, Read This

    Prof. Vohs in TIME - 9/20/13

  • TCF Tops Study's Complaint List

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 9/18/13

  • A Messy Desk? You're Just Creative

    Profs. Redden and Vohs's research on Marketplace - 9/19/13

  • Cereals Return from the Grave

    Prof. Griskevicius in the Star Tribune - 9/15/13

  • MNsure Security Breach Shows Need for Oversight, Expert Says

    Prof. Parente on KARE - 9/13/13

  • MNsure Marketing Ramps Up Ahead of Key Deadlines

    Prof. Akshay Rao on KSTP-TV - 9/4/13

  • 7 Ways To Make Things Taste Better (With Zero Extra Effort)

    Prof. Vohs in the Huffington Post - 9/4/13

  • Schafer: Here's How Our Stupid Choices May Be Rational

    Prof. Griskevicius in the Star Tribune - 8/29/13

  • Do Rituals Make Beverages and Foods Taste Better?

    Prof. Vohs in USA Today - 8/24/13

  • Messy Desk, Creative Mind? Study Says Yes

    Profs. Vohs and Redden's research on NBC's TODAY - 8/22/13

  • Rituals Make Our Food More Flavorful

    Prof. Vohs in the New York Times -

  • Cluttered Rooms Jump-Start Creative Minds

    Prof. Vohs in Healthline News - 8/10/13

  • Health Care Debate Hits State Fair

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 8/10/13

  • Home> Technology Tidy or Messy Environment Can Impact Decisions and Behavior, Study Says

    Prof. Vohs on Good Morning America - 8/11/13

  • Messy Office a Fertile Ground for Creative Mind: Study

    Prof. Vohs in U.S. News & World Report - 8/17/13

  • Keep that Messy Desk? U Study Finds 'Chaotic Clutter' may Promote Creativity

    Prof. Redden in MinnPost - 9/9/13

  • Study: Messy Desks Get Creative Juices Flowing

    Prof. Vohs on Morning Edition - 8/7/13

  • Women's High-dollar Products Used as Deterrents

    Prof. Griskevicius in the Edmund Sun - 7/26/13

  • A Very Expensive, Designer Way to Keep Other Women Away From Your Man

    Prof. Griskevicius's research in Glamour - 7/29/13

  • Sorry, Food Porn Haters: Instagramming Your Meal Makes It Taste Better

    Prof. Vohs in - 7/31/13

  • Women May Buy Designer Bags to Protect Their Relationships, Study Suggests

    Prof. Griskevicius on CBS News - 7/30/13

  • Ritual Behaviours Enhance Food and Drink

    Prof. Vohs in Science Omega - 7/29/13

  • General Mills' Betty Crocker Toasts Same-sex Marriage

    Prof. Rao on KARE - 7/29/13

  • Cheating Study Reveals That Designer Handbags Could Deter Infidelity

    Prof. Griskevicius in the Huffington Post - 7/26/13

  • Singing 'Happy Birthday' Makes the Cake Taste Better

    Prof. Vohs on NBC News - 7/30/13

  • Women Use Designer Goods to Ward off Rivals, Suggests U of M Study

    Prof. Griskevicius in MinnPost - 7/29/13

  • You Can Help by Improving to Healthier Choices

    Prof. Vohs in The Citizen - 7/27/13

  • Why Women Shop: To Ward off Love Rivals

    Prof. Griskevicius in The Times of India - 7/27/13

  • Study: Luxury Items Play a Role in Protecting a Relationship

    Prof. Griskevicius on - 7/25/13

  • Study: A Designer Purse Can Prevent Women From Flirting With Your Man

    KSTP-TV - 7/24/13

  • 'U' Study: Women Buy Expensive Gear To Ward Off Rivals

    Prof. Griskevicius on WCCO - 7/25/13

  • How You Unwrap Candy Can Make It Taste Better: The Power Of Food Rituals

    Prof. Vohs in Forbes - 7/25/13

  • Rituals Make Food (and Drinks) Taste Better

    Prof. Vohs in TIME - 7/24/13

  • Singing Happy Birthday Before Having a Slice of Cake Makes It Taste BETTER, Claim Scientists

    Prof. Vohs in the Daily Mail - 7/22/13

  • Food Rituals Tickle Your Taste Buds

    Prof. Vohs in Medical News Today - 7/23/13

  • Small Rituals Before Eating Can Make Food More Enjoyable: A Study

    Prof. Vohs in Nature World News - 7/23/13

  • Mealtime Routines and Rituals Improve Flavor

    Prof. Vohs in Salon - 7/22/13

  • Perform a Short Ritual before Eating to Improve Food Taste

    Prof. Vohs in Business Standard - 7/22/13

  • Does Performing A 'Ritual' Make Food Taste Better?

    Prof. Vohs in RedOrbit - 7/22/13

  • More Parents are Keeping Their Kids on the Family Phone Plan

    Prof. Vittorio in the Star Tribune - 7/5/13

  • Step away from the Cookie Plate! How Exercising Self-Control is 'the Key to Happier Living'

    Prof. Vohs in The Daily Mail - 7/8/13

  • Willpower & Self Control in Consumer Decision Making

    Prof. Vohs in AARP Washington - 6/27/13

  • The Power of a 'Project Beard' and Other Office Rituals

    Prof. Vohs in the Wall Street Journal - 6/25/13

  • How Money Makes You Lie and Cheat

    Prof. Vohs in TIME - 6/19/13

  • Six Research-Backed Tips on Maximizing Your Happiness Now!

    Prof. Vohs in Psychology Today - 6/12/13

  • Slow the Seed to Happiness and Success

    Prof Vohs in Psychology Today - 5/28/13

  • The More You Think About Money, The Less People Like You

    Prof. Vohs in Business Insider - 5/29/13

  • Thought of Money Makes You Less Social, Study Suggests

    Prof. Vohs in LiveScience - 5/28/13

  • Good Question: Why Do Gas Prices Go Up Faster Than They Go Down?

    Prof. Akshay Rao on WCCO-TV - 5/23/13

  • This is Your Brain on Antidrug Ads

    Prof. Vohs's research in Cognitive Neuroscience Society - 5/18/13

  • Is Your Life Strategy Like Walmart or the Apple Store?

    Prof. Griskevicius in Psychology Today - 4/27/13

  • How Can We Conserve Water? Do What Strangers Do

    Prof. Griskevicius in Psychology Today - 4/11/13

  • To Get More Hours out of Your Day, Look at Something Awesome

    Prof. Vohs in Quartz - 4/15/13

  • Easy, Big Guy

    Prof. Griskevicius in Men's Health Malaysia - 4/12/13

  • Strengthen Your Willpower

    Prof. Vohs in the McClatchy News Service - 4/6/13

  • Sex Ratio Influences Choices Made by Men and Women: Study

    Prof. Griskevicius in The Indian Express - 4/4/13

  • These Charts Reveal The Secrets To Motivation

    Prof. Vohs's chart in Business Insider - 3/29/13

  • How can I get Rich? Your Response to Financial Trouble

    Prof. Griskevicius in Psychology Today - 3/17/13

  • Budgeting for Love: Money and Multicultural Weddings

    Prof. Akshay Rao on Marketplace Money - 3/15/13

  • 5 Signs You're Meant to be an Entrepreneur

    Prof. Vohs in Yahoo Finance - 3/4/13

  • Vohs Interviewed on New BBC Radio 4 Program

    Prof. Kathleen Vohs on Episode 1 of The Human Zoo - 3/5/13

  • Sam's Club Offers Discounted Membership through Daily Deal Site

    Prof. George John in the Star Tribune - 3/4/13

  • Best Buy Cutting 400 HQ Jobs

    Prof. Akshay Rao on WCCO-TV - 2/26/13

  • What is a Good Life?

    Prof. Vohs in The Week - 2/13/13

  • What a Mess: Chaos and Creativity

    Prof. Vohs in the Huffington Post - 2/20/13

  • Comcast's Twin Cities Cable TV Rates Increase

    Prof. George John in the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal - 2/18/13

  • Far Out Friday: Why Single Men May Be Your Most Lucrative Clients

    Prof. Griskevicius in Australian Broker Online - 2/15/13

  • Valentine's Day a Show of Wealth for Single Men?

    Prof. Griskevicius in HealthDay News - 2/13/13

  • If Wife Earns More, Husband's Sexual Performance May Suffer

    Prof. Vohs in Health Day - 2/11/13

  • Campus Banking to Get Look from Feds

    Prof. Houston in the Minnesota Daily - 2/5/13

  • How Scarcity Leads to Spending

    Prof. Griskevicius in TIME - 1/21/13

  • Why a Recession (and Cavemen) Could Lead People to Save Less Money

    Prof. Griskevicius in News.Com.Au - 1/23/13

  • People Who Grow up Poor More Likely to Splash out in a Recession, Study Claims

    Prof. Griskevicius in the Mail Online - 1/15/13

  • What Leads to a Happy Life: Meaning or Pure Pleasure?

    Prof. Vohs's research in The Globe and Mail - 1/9/12

  • There's More to Life Than Being Happy

    Prof. Vohs in The Atlantic - 1/9/13

  • Study Finds Single Successful Women Are Career Driven Because They Are Not Marriage Worthy, What?

    Prof. Griskevicius in The Inquisitr - 1/1/13

  • Retailers' Loyalty Programs Popular with Consumers

    Dave Hopkins on MPR - 1/2/13

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