• buuck
    Bob Buuck (BS’70, MBA’72)
    Co-founder, American Medical Systems
  • judycorson
    Judy Corson (BA’65)
    Co-founder GfK-CRI; Advisory Board Chair
  • garyholmes
    Gary Holmes
    Founder and President, CSM Corporation   
  • joylindsay
    Joy Lindsay (MBA’99)
    Co-founder and President, StarTec Investments
  • danmallin
    Dan Mallin (MBA’95)
    Co-founder, Equals 3, Magnet 360 and MN Cup
  • tomolson
    Tom Olson (BS'71)
    Co-founder, Prime Mortgage Corp.
  • mylesshaver
    Myles Shaver, Professor
    CSOM Strategic Management & Organization
  • johnstavig
    John Stavig (BS'86)
    Professional Director, Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship
  • erik
    Erik Torgerson (BS'88)
    Senior Advisor, Norwest Equity Partners
  • roywetterstrom
    Roy Wetterstrom (BS’86)
    Co-founder, Plural, Inc., Undergraduate Director of the Center 
  • js
    Joel Schleicher (BS'74)
    Founder, Presidio Network Solutions and Cyber Risk Management
  • John Whaley
    John Whaley (BS'74)
    Retired Partner, Norwest Equity Partners
  • shakerzahra
    Shaker Zahraz
    Director, Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship/Robert E. Buuck Chair of Entrepreneurship