As organizations continue to recover from the financial crisis, they are focusing on simpler, leaner, more agile ways to do business. The human resources function has a direct impact on accomplishing those objectives. “Achieving Results in a Complex World” will showcase successful examples of that work. 

The HR Tomorrow Conference is an excellent opportunity to share your expertise with a broad audience of about 325 HR professionals.  We are looking for 70-minute breakout speakers for these categories:

  • Big Data/Little Data: Using Data Analytics in HR
  • Leadership Development (including coaching)
  • Managing Generational Differences
  • Navigating the Increasingly Regulated Environment
  • Performance Management
  • War for Talent

Our audience wants to know the business problem that was solved, any research used, tangible steps that were taken, measurable outcomes, and lessons learned. They want to leave with realistic tools and strategies that may be applied within their workplace. 

In your proposal please include:

  • Presentation title
  • Identification of applicable category from above
  • Brief presentation description (up to 200 words) [1]
  • Well-defined, realistic learning objectives that can be achieved in the time allotted
  • Description of how your presentation will either build a targeted skill OR show how that skill would make a positive impact in an organization
  • Meetings or conferences at which you have presented (to demonstrate speaking experience)
  • Brief bio (up to 500 words) highlighting your experience and/or academic background [1]

TIPS: (1) tell your story succinctly; (2) resist the temptation to include too much content; (3) allow at least 10 minutes for questions or pre-selected discussion topics; (4) remember that the audience will include seasoned HR professionals who have their own expertise to add, as well as people who are newer to their roles; (5) there will be some students in attendance, but the content should be geared for the HR professionals, not aimed at a student audience. 

Our conference facilities feature the latest technology, allowing for PowerPoint presentations, overhead projection, and video presentations.

The Call for Proposals for the 2015 HR Tomorrow Conference is now closed. Please contact with any questions.

For more information visit the 2015 conference website. For questions, please email us at or call 612-626-9748.  Thanks for your interest!

[1] Brief presentation description and bio submitted will also be used in materials describing your session to attendees.