Global Identity Course

The Carlson Global Institute has partnered with the Learning Abroad Center to offer a business-focused section of the Global Identity course for Carlson undergraduate students. OLPD 3330 offers you an online one-on-one intercultural coach to assist you in reflecting on your culture and incorporating your overseas experience into your future career and studies. Most of the intercultural learning for this course will occur in your everyday life, with assignments designed to complement your experience.

The Global Identity course is...

  • Offered to fall & spring Global Immersion participants.
  • A one credit S/N course.
  • $200 total (exempt from normal per-credit cost)
  • Taught online by Carlson Global Institute instructors.
  • 5 journal & reflection assignments during your semester abroad.

The Global Identity course will...

  • Translate your abroad experience into marketable, resume-ready skills.
  • Promote reflection on how you can integrate your new skill-sets into life back home.
  • Expose you to intercultural literature and concepts used in intercultural development.
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