Health and Safety

The health and safety of all students is of utmost priority to the Carlson Global Institute. We recognize that no organization or institute can guarantee the safety of its students and that personal responsibility is a key part of a student's successful and safe experience, both at home and abroad. Risks can be significantly reduced when staff, students, parents, faculty, and advisers work together. To that end, we begin preparation before students depart.

Specific health and safety information, as well as emergency procedures, are covered during the pre-departure orientation.

Students should be aware of important health and safety concerns during their travel abroad, and play an active role in the success of their own experience through the decisions they make before and during the program, and by their day-to-day choices and behaviors.

  • Read and carefully consider all materials issued by the sponsor that relate to health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country
  • Consider health and other personal circumstances when applying for or accepting a place in a program
  • Make available to the sponsor accurate and complete physical and mental health information and any other personal data that are necessary in planning for a safe and healthy study abroad experience
  • Assume responsibility for all the elements necessary for your personal preparation and participate fully in orientations
  • Obtain and maintain appropriate insurance coverage and abide by any conditions imposed by the carriers
  • Inform parents, guardians, families, and any others who may need to know about your participation in the study abroad program, provide them with emergency contact information, and keep them informed on an ongoing basis
  • Understand and comply with the terms of participation, codes of conduct, and emergency procedures of the program, and obey host-country laws
  • Be aware of local conditions and customs that may present health or safety risks when making daily choices and decisions
  • Promptly express any health or safety concerns to the program staff or other appropriate individuals
  • Behave in a manner that is respectful of the rights and well-being of others and encourage others to behave in a similar manner
  • Accept responsibility for your own decisions and actions
  • Become familiar with the procedures for obtaining emergency health and law enforcement services in the host country
  • Follow program policies for keeping staff informed of your whereabouts and well-being

All students, faculty, and staff traveling on Carlson Education Abroad programs are enrolled in CISI Insurance. More information on this policy can be found on the University of Minnesota's GPS Alliance Website.

Access Abroad is a collaborative effort at the University of Minnesota between the Learning Abroad Center and Disability Services to facilitate equal access abroad for all students.

We encourage students who may have constraints to consult with our Education Abroad advisers and read the information available at Access Abroad.

The University of Minnesota requires all students who participate in an education abroad experience, sponsored or endorsed by the University, to read and comply with education abroad policies.

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