Custom Residencies

The Carlson School’s Global Residency Programs offer international and cross-cultural learning opportunities for business students and professionals from around the world. Participants will spend one to two weeks at the Carlson School, located in the major metropolitan area of Minneapolis and St. Paul in the United States, focused on a topic that aligns with curricular needs.

Value for Global Residency participants:

  • Participate in seminars facilitated by top Carlson School professors
  • Meet with executives at global companies with headquarters or operations in Minnesota
  • Explore the vibrant cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul

Value for Global Residency partner universities:

  • Partner with a highly ranked U.S. business school in a unique urban location
  • Provide short-term global immersion opportunities for students and business professionals
  • Leverage the Carlson School’s 30-plus years of experience in global business education

To learn more, please contact or call 612-625-9361.

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