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Carlson School features world-renowned faculty from all business disciplines focused on advancing healthcare research through innovation and discovery. Carlson School's faculty members consistently produce influential research that is published in top industry journals. The Business Advancement Center for Health leverages the expertise of our world-class faculty to foster rigorous and relevant research that improves accessibility, affordability, and health equity.  


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Cyrus Aghamolla, PhD

Assistant Professor, Accounting

Cyrus Aghamolla

Dr. Aghamolla's research focuses on the financing decisions of private firms in the biopharmaceutical industry and how such decisions impact innovation, as well as the role of financial frictions on hospital performance and healthcare delivery.

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Xuan Bi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Information & Decision Sciences

Xuan Bi

Dr. Bi's research focuses on the interface of statistics, machine learning, and information systems which aims at creating and applying data-driven methodologies to address real-world, large-scale, business, and scientific problems around data privacy, healthcare recommender systems, and imaging genetics. 

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Caroline Carlin, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Finance

Caroline Carlin

Dr. Carlin’s research leverages her knowledge of the health care and insurance industries, and a thorough understanding of econometrics. Her recent research focuses on the environment in which choices are made in the delivery and financing of health care services, and how this environment impacts the cost and quality of care, particularly for patients with diabetes. She earned a PhD in Health Services Research from the University of Minnesota, and subsequently held a faculty position in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Carlin’s research is informed by her pre-academic career as a health care actuary (earning Fellowship in the Society of Actuaries), and as director of benefits for a national discount retailer. Her research is often supported by the use of large health plan administrative data, survey data, and software packages such as SAS (including proc sql) and Stata. She continues as an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Applied Economics, and regularly teaches health economics and econometrics courses for the Department of Applied Economics, Carlson School of Management, and the College of Continuing and Professional Studies. 

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Russell Funk, PhD

Assistant Professor, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Russell Funk

Dr. Funk's research is driven by the idea that growing availability of large administrative, government, and web data sets create novel opportunities for management research, and he has been active in applying the tools of big data to social science. His research has appeared in leading management and health care journals. 

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Kartik Ganju

Assistant Professor, Information & Decision Sciences

Assistant Professor Kartik Ganju, Information & Decision Sciences, Carlson School of Management

Dr. Ganju's research examines the impact of Information Technology on healthcare. He uses quantitative methods to identify how the introduction of technology in hospitals can impact healthcare cost, labor, and racial disparities. Dr. Ganju is currently studying how technology has been utilized during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide healthcare (via telemedicine), and disparities this may create. A current project examines how work from home negatively influences female physicians by forcing them to juggle their familial and professional responsibilities.

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Pinar Karaca-Mandic, PhD

BACH Founding Director, Professor, Finance


As a health economist, Dr. Karaca-Mandic's vision is to improve "value" in healthcare. Guided by this vision, her research made contributions to the literature in four key areas to understand: 1) Value and diffusion of medical technologies; 2) Uptake of clinical guidelines and response to evidence on safety and effectiveness; 3) Access and affordability of healthcare and role of health insurance marketplace; 4) Assessing competition, frictions and their impact in quality and costs. These areas dynamically interact with each other, and involve and interplay of healthcare consumers, patients, physicians, healthcare organizations, medical technology producers as well as public and private third-party payers. Her research examines interactions between these components and examines the impact of regulation and market incentives.  

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Susan Meyer-Goldstein, PhD

Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Operations

Susan Goldstein

Dr. Meyer-Goldstein's interests are in the design and delivery of healthcare services including service process design, management, and improvement. Her teaching interests are in service management, operations strategy, and general operations management. She is the recipient of the 2011 and 2019 Carlson School Teaching Award, and 2016 Carlson School Outstanding Service Award.

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Anant Mishra, PhD

Associate Professor, Supply Chain and Operations

Profile Pic

Dr. Mishra's current research interests derive from contemporary real world issues in the areas of innovation, public sector operations, public health supply chains, and emerging market operations. Dr. Mishra focuses his research on public health supply chains, precision medicine, vaccine development in emerging markets. 

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Karthik Natarajan, PhD

Assistant Professor, Supply Chain and Operations

Karthik Natarajan

Dr. Natarajan's research interests are in the areas of social responsibility and humanitarian and non-profit operations, with a specific focus on global public health. Within this context, his works have explored several key issues including understanding the impact of uncertainty and delays in donor funding, designing incentives to patients and healthcare providers to maximize the number of people benefitting from a humanitarian healthcare program, and identifying supply chain strategies to lower the likelihood of stock-outs of essential health commodities (e.g., reproductive health supplies) at last-mile facilities in developing countries. He has consulted for global health agencies including USAID and also actively works with Minneapolis-based non-profits.  

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Stephen T. Parente, PhD

Carlson Global Institute Associate Dean, Professor, Finance

Stephen T. Parente

As a Professor in the Finance Department, Dr. Parente specializes in health economics, information technology, and health insurance.  Dr. Parente has been the principal investigator on large funded studies regarding consumer-directed health plans, health information technology, and health policy micro-simulation. 

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Demi Radeva

Adjunct Faculty, Finance

Demi Radeva

Ms. Radeva is a seasoned healthcare business strategist and advisor with responsibility for partnering with executives to provide thought leadership, strategic direction, market analysis, partnership sourcing and support to guide growth and operational excellence. Strong knowledge of competitive dynamics, customer needs, regulatory impacts, market trajectory, and business capabilities have enabled buy-in for multitude of strategic approaches and proposals.

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Soumya Sen, PhD

Associate Professor, McKnight Presidential Fellow, Information & Decision Sciences

Soumya Sen

Dr. Sen's research focuses on using computer science, analytics, and economics to develop data and technology-based solutions to challenging societal problems, including medical device safety and security, pandemic response, addiction treatment, healthcare disparities and digital divide in Internet access.

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Rachna Shah, PhD

Professor, Supply Chain and Operations

Rachna Shah

Dr. Shah's research focus in healthcare revolves around achieving superior performance and reducing operational failures, and examines three broad questions. 1) at the macro level, issues facing bio-pharma and medical device firms in developing, manufacturing, and managing post market outcomes; 2) at the micro level, issues facing healthcare systems in delivering healthcare; and 3) at the policy level, the role of regulatory agencies such as the FDA, NHTSA, and JCAHO in inspecting and certifying such organizations. In the first stream at the macro level, she has identified leading causes of product recalls in diverse industry settings. At the micro level, Dr. Shah has shown how variability in hand-off activities negatively impacts patient outcomes. In examining policy implications, she has demonstrated where and when inspections serve as a reliable indicator of future product quality such as reduced product recalls. Dr. Shah's current research projects are at the interface of the three questions. One current project for instance examines the impact of FDA’s breakthrough drug policy on adverse events, product recalls, and drug shortages.

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Kingshuk Sinha, PhD

Professor, Elmer L. Anderson Chair in Sustainable Supply Chain, Supply Chain and Operations (Department Chair)

KK Sinha

Dr. Sinha's research focus in healthcare includes managing supply chain risks with the rapid growth in adverse events and recalls related to medical devices and drugs; reducing the disparities in physical and mental health care delivery in underserved communities; evaluating the implications of scientific and technology advancements (e.g., surgical robots, precision medicine, telemedicine and mobile apps) for managing health care supply chains with a focus on improving affordability, access and awareness; and designing and sustaining the pandemic (COVID-19) care supply chain and evaluating the impact of a pandemic (COVID-19) on the mental and physical health care supply chains

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Richard T. Thakor, PhD

Assistant Professor, Finance

Richard Thakor

Dr. Thakor focuses his research in healthcare finance, on the effect of financial frictions on drug development and healthcare delivery.

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Mochen Yang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Information & Decision Sciences

Mochen Yang

Dr. Yang's research revolves around the topic of algorithmic decision-making and consists of three connected streams. In the first stream of work, he studies the problem of designing theoretically robust and computationally efficient algorithms and strategies to support decision-making in information-intensive marketplaces. In the second stream of work, he examines the antecedents of algorithmic decision-making as well as its impact on decision quality, fairness, and privacy. In the third stream of work, he designs novel approaches to draw robust statistical inference with variables generated by machine learning algorithms. His research has appeared in leading management information systems journals and conferences.

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Aks Zaheer, PhD

Professor, Curtis L. Carlson Chair in Strategic Management, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Aks Zaheer

Dr. Zaheer's current research examines the antecedents and consequences of interfirm and organizational networks, the antecedents and consequences of trust in organizations and in interfirm exchange, phenomena such as innovation and strategic alliances, in contexts such as healthcare and medical devices, among others. He has published in many journals, including Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, and Academy of Management Journal, receiving the School's Outstanding Research Award in 2014 and in 2021. He is currently Dean of the Fellows of the Strategic Management Society (elected Fellow in 2014). 

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