Meet Zift Medical, a Life Science Division semifinalist!  Discover the other Minnesota CUp semifinalists by browsing our blog and site.

Who are you and what do you do?

Zift is medical device start-up, that has created the ZiftLift procedure to elevate tissue in the face for a brow-lift or forehead-lift. Instead of large incisions and weeks of recovery time, a ZiftLift has 6-8 1mm incisions, no scarring and a recovery time of a few days.

What was the inspiration for your idea?

The patented technology was conceived as a way to secure coronary tissue in surgical procedures, and Zift was a spin-out from that initial idea. We believe that plastic surgery is just one of several potential opportunities in medical procedures.

What opportunities or benefits have developed due to your involvement in MN Cup so far?
The #1 benefit of the MN Cup, regardless of outcome, is the feedback from our mentors who have helped fine-tune our "pitch”, and in the process clarify what we’re really all about. Forget Minnesota-Nice; clear, direct and insightful feedback is worth more than the potential cash award.