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Who are you and what do you do?

We are Leozarb. We are a group of highschoolers that want to change the way that languages are taught in the classroom.  We strongly believe that using mobile apps are an effective way to break down communication barriers that hinder worldwide communication.  Our solution is an iOS application that supplements teacher activities in the classroom. Our app mimics an engaging storybook in which students follow a story written in Spanish with a Spanish narration. There are interactive activities such as dragging and dropping a hat onto a person or clicking on a cow to hear it “moo”.

What was the inspiration for your idea?

The inspiration from our idea came from a discussion among our teammates when we discussed issues that were expanding. We realized that as the world becomes more globalized, the skillset of knowing more than one language becomes even more important. However, the current method of teaching a language in schools through vocab sheets isn’t effective or efficient. We wanted to create an app to make learning Spanish not only more exciting, but something that would teach students reading comprehension, speaking fluency, and sentence formation.

What opportunities or benefits have developed due to your involvement in MN Cup so far?

At Leozarb, we’re so excited to be part of the MN Cup competition. The benefits of this competition truly exceed just the simple monetary awards. MN Cup provided a network to meet other entrepreneurs that share similar passions and interests as the co-founders of Leozarb.  MN Cup also paired Leozarb members with mentors that provided priceless advice and feedback for company growth.

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