August 7

There are only 25 days until the 2017 MN Cup Semifinalists come up against their August 7th deadline. The MN Cup is truly a marathon as these semifinalists’ journeys began back in March when the applications opened, and will not come to fruition until early October. The August 7th deadline marks the end of the second round of competition and the start of semifinalist judging. MN Cup Semifinalists are expected to submit a 10 page business plan, 15 slide investor presentation, and one minute video.


“For those that have already written a business plan, this is a great chance to revise and refresh it. For those that have yet to write a (business) plan, this is the perfect time to do so as you are clearly on to something and you’ll need one to proceed much further with your idea. ” explained Melissa Kjolsing Lynch, Director of the MN Cup.


MN Cup Semifinalists have had numerous opportunities for development throughout the second round of competition including mentor matches, working with expert mentors skilled in a field most relevant to their product. In addition to one-om-one mentoring opportunities, many MN Cup sponsors have hosted targeted workshops where Semifinalists could learn and develop necessary skills pertinent to the success of their product and the MN Cup.

August 25

Following the August 7th deadline, MN Cup judges will have nineteen days to review this round of deliverables. Semifinalists will be notified by August 25th of their scores and if they are advancing to the next round of competition.