Camp Emerge


Camp Emerge 2021 dates announcing in August!

Camp Emerge is one of the focal programs of Project Emerge. For years the event is in person, it is a three-day business leadership camp at the University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management. While exploring what makes the Twin Cities a truly unique learning environment, Camp Emerge participants will gain personal, professional, and cultural leadership training to prepare for the business elements of any career.​ This selective program will help guide the cohort of participants through their graduate and career exploration. This year, participants will still receive all of the quality information from the in-person event while instead of getting to participate virtually over Zoom in listening sessions, breakout groups, and panel discussions.

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Programming Plans (tentative, based off Camp Emerge 2020). 2021 Dates will be announced in August.

4 sessions that cultivate personal, professional, and cultural development

  • Session 1: Design Your Life

    • Learn about the Design Thinking process and develop your personal brand with a personality inventory assessment and design thinking strategies

    • Ideate prototypes to take small learning steps toward goals

  • Session 2: Careers in Business

    • Gain exposure to functional areas of business from a panel of Carlson School of Management alumni

    • Develop thinking on personal brand, networking and career tools

  • Session 3: Diversity & Inclusion

    • Encourage identity exploration and self-reflection to identify leadership strengths that may stem from diverse backgrounds and experiences

    • Help participants develop strategies to bring their leadership strengths into the business workforce

  • Session 4: Beyond Camp Emerge

    • Introduce structured problem-solving frameworks

    • Expose participants to the role of consultants and how structured problems solving can assist in a variety of functions

    • Bridge tools and learnings from Camp Emerge to leadership roles within schools, workplaces, and communities

  • Mentorship & Networking Opportunities

    • Contribute to small group discussions and get feedback from current students and alumni of the Carlson MBA program

    • Build a diverse network with high-achieving individuals

Camp Emerge is designed for people of color, women, LGBTQIA+, and first-generation students but welcomes applications from all undergraduate juniors and seniors who might benefit from this opportunity. Just email to speak with someone individually about your application. Our Application will open March 1st on this page. Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Open from March 1 - May 1, 2021.


Apply now:

  • Rising juniors and seniors interested in exploring a future in business
  • People of color, women, LGBTQIA+, and first-generation students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply
  • Curious learners eager to obtain an introduction to MS and MBA programs

The Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota believes that no matter the industry, focus, or goals of a student, a foundational knowledge of the business is a critical component of career development and success. Through Camp Emerge, we strive to introduce diverse groups of students to the fundamentals of business, explain how business applies to individual career interests, and help participants acquire new knowledge. Attendees will receive an introduction to MS and MBA programs along with getting to attend sessions about design thinking, planning for a career in business, leadership, and structured problem-solving.


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“Camp Emerge allowed me to discuss positive and negative leadership behaviors...without Camp Emerge, I would not be able to connect with amazing students, alumni of UMN, and make long life friends...I had an opportunity to learn about structured problem-solving techniques, disciplined thinking, and a rigorous approach that helped me to clarify and prioritize my work to become an effective leader.”
– Camp Emerge 2020 Attendee
“Camp Emerge was an amazing experience and helped me understand the importance and value of an MBA. I was able to connect with professionals and learn about their experiences after undergrad and during graduate school, which helped me decide to pursue an MBA in the future. I am thankful for this experience and all the great connections I made.”
– Camp Emerge 2020 Attendee
"Mentoring through Camp Emerge has been a transformative opportunity because I've been able to offer support and value to students who are passionate about diversity, growth, and leadership, as well as learn both personally and professionally from them as they shared examples from their experiences."
– Camp Emerge Mentor