Designing a Custom Program


When you partner with Carlson Executive Education for a custom solution, we leverage the expertise of the University of Minnesota faculty and other industry experts to co-design a program that meets your organization's unique learning objectives.

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Concept Creation

Exploratory Consultation

We begin by listening to you. Our client relations team first wants to learn about your most pressing business challenges and talent development needs to ensure your organization is future ready. This discussion forms the foundation for the customized learning solution that we will co-design to specifically meet the needs of your organization.

Potential Solutions

Next, we design potential learning solutions to meet your business objectives. One of our strengths is to present unique and transformational solutions designed to move your talent forward. Our programs combine thought leadership from world-renowned Carlson School faculty with action focused learning. Our tools and frameworks allow for immediate application at work.

Design & Agreement

After agreeing on the program design that will best meet your needs, we’ll provide you with a proposal that outlines learning objectives, program format and learning methodologies, timing, faculty, expected outcomes and other program details required to ensure success.

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Solution Delivery

Client-Faculty Alignment

Our program design team will partner with you to define the customized content for your program. We’ll ensure your learning objectives will be met by conducting alignment meetings with each faculty member involved in the program. In addition, we’ll recommend learning activities to create an engaging and actionable experience for your leaders.


Our program delivery team excels at delivering on-site, virtual, and experiential learning. We’ll work to make the learning experience seamless and impactful for all participants.

Measurement and Follow up

We’ll measure the impact of our program by working with you and your participants, immediately following the program as well as during designated future intervals.


We’ll conduct a post-program meeting with you to discuss evaluation feedback, program successes and overall impact to the organization, and to determine how we can further increase the value of our partnership moving forward.

As we went through the first course that is where the partnership really grew. We stepped back and we learned from the people that participated and the feedback that they got and we continued to refine and that element is not something you're going to get from every university or every partner. You're going to get an out-of the-box course and that's not what we were looking for.

– Marc Paradis, Vice President and Dean of Data Science University, Optum


Experiential and Engaging Learning

Select from our full suite of tools for any organization or learning style. We can deliver programs at our Carlson School Executive Center, onsite at your organization (including global locations), and in a blended format with face-to-face and online modules.

  • Simulations

  • Individual Reflection

  • Case Studies

  • Executive Coaching

  • Applied Learning

  • Action Learning Projects

  • Assessments

  • Critical Thinking Exercises

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