Carlson Accelerated Leadership Program

The Carlson Accelerated Leadership Program (CALP) is a blended learning master class in how to manage people effectively. Ideal for emerging and mid-level leaders, it builds the knowledge and skills required to be competent and confident while leading people in the ever-changing business climate. Featuring a series of online modules and in-person performance checks, the Carlson Accelerated Leadership Program meets your leaders where they are and grows their abilities in clear, quantifiable progress blocks.

  • Content is delivered through an online course platform customized for your organization
  • Online modules are delivered in 20-30 min long learning bites, focused on discrete topics
  • Knowledge checks are built into the online modules to ensure understanding of content throughout the curriculum
  • In person or virtual performance checks enable learners to demonstrate competency, learn from their peers, and build a learning community
  • The capstone simulation gives learners the opportunity to incorporate the knowledge and skills developed throughout the program into an interactive experience

The program is available to an audience that is global and physically dispersed. CALP can be delivered for learning groups in size from 40 or more.

Heraeus Cohort 1 participants in courtyard

CALP builds self-leadership skills and connects this with leaders’ ability to:

  • Connect leaders with those they lead and influence
  • Provide clear direction and accountability
  • Assess talent and identify organizational gaps
  • Develop talent needed to meet organizational demands
  • Collaborate and manage conflict effectively
  • Build and develop teams to tackle ever changing business challenges


of Carlson Accelerated Leadership Program participants' managers reported adequate or significant improvement in participants' ability to positively impact business results by leading effectively (Midwest manufacturing company, Cohort 1, 2019)

Program Content

Module 1: Foundations of Management

  • Management Foundations
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Trust
  • Setting Expectations
  • Performance Management
  • Delegation
  • Feedback
  • Performance Culture
  • Employment Law
  • Individual Development

Module 2: Communicating Effectively as a Leader

  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Managing Conflict
  • Difficult Conversations

Module 3: Teambuilding

  • High Performance Teams
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Creative Thinking

You’re going to find this program connects and applies in places you wouldn’t expect. And when you apply your knowledge and it works, it’s pretty cool.

– Product Development Manager, Heraeus Medical Components



To learn more about how CALP can help you attain your talent development goals, contact Mindy Flood.

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