Course overview:

Carlson Executive Education offers non-credit access to classes offered through the  Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI). These courses explore the landscape of the medical industry and analyse specific topics, firms, and industry sectors in detail. Participants can expect to get a sense of the scope and shape of the global healthcare landscape; engage in detailed analysis of specific topics, firms, and industry sectors; and work alongside peers, colleagues, and world-class academics in experiential learning projects with firms around the world.  Executive Education participants learn along side for-credit students but are not expected to participate in class assignments and exams.  Each course meets for 3+ hours, one night a week for eight to sixteen weeks.

MILI Courses
Medical Device Industry: Business and Public Policy
Wed. 5:45-9:05 pm / Sept.6-Oct. 18, 2017
The Healthcare Marketplace (Foundation Course)
Onlne:Fall, 2017

Information Technology in Healthcare
Tues. 5:45-9:05 p.m. / Oct. 24-Dec. 12, 2017

Healthcare Delivery Innovations: Optimizing Cost and Quality
Mon. 5:45-9:05 p.m.  / Oct. 30-Dec. 11, 2017
MILI Valuation Lab-Sweden
June 4-June 15, 2017

Healthcare Law and Management Impact
Tues. 5:45-9:05 p.m. / Spring 2018

Pharmaceutical Industry: Business and Policy
Mon. 5:45-9:05 p.m. / Spring, 2018

Anatomy and Physiology for Managers
Wed. 5:45-9:05 p.m. / Spring, 2018