• Our customer-centric approach to custom programs delivers tailored learning experiences for your team or organization.

    We co-design the programs with you, matching curriculum, learning components, and expert instructors to meet your unique needs.   

    We can help you solve your biggest business challenges, including:

    • Accelerating your leadership pipeline
    • Leveraging analytics, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
    • Creating and executing strategy
    • Enhancing leadership capabilities
    • Developing technical professionals’ business acumen
    • Implementing change successfully
    • Collaborating effectively across a global organization
    • Fostering global & strategic mindsets
    • Driving innovation across your organization
    • Leading across matrix organizations
    • Optimizing your pricing strategy
    • Building business models for emerging markets
    • Additional topics tailored to your business
  • Solutions Tailored to Your Business

    To customize your program, we utilize methods proven to deliver results.  We’ll partner with you to determine which of the following learning elements will best help your leaders reach their potential:

    • Simulations
      Simulations place participants in real-world situations and drive skill development by practicing processes, systems, or situations.
    • Individual Reflections
      Individual reflection:
      Individual reflection, including guided learning journal entry, helps participants make connections and directly apply their learning to their current roles.
    • Case Studies
      Case studies: 
      A case study provides an in-depth look at a topic or situation. Participants are challenged to develop their analytical skills as well as apply tools and frameworks while learning from peers.
    • Applied Learning
      Applied learning:
      Applied learning activities enable participants to apply theories, tools, and frameworks directly to their real-world issues.
    • Action Learning
      Action learning projects:
      Action learning projects provide opportunities for teams to solve significant, organization-wide challenges. Teams are tasked with adding considerable value to their firms while enhancing their critical thinking skills.
    • Solutions
      Assessments are used to increase self-awareness and team effectiveness. We work with organizations to identify the right assessments to fit your specific development needs.
    • Critical Thinking
      Critical thinking exercises:
      Critical thinking exercises provide opportunities for participants to work with and learn from peers. Skills and competencies are practiced during games or other situations.
    • Coaching Solutions
      Executive coaching:
      Executive coaching helps develop specific leadership behaviors and enables leaders to better navigate issues critical to their success