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Strategic Negotiation & Collaborative Decision Making

Learn the art and science of building winning negotiation strategies. This program covers the basics of planning, distributive and win-win negotiations, group problem solving, multi-party negotiations, and more. Discover expert tricks of the trade and convert that expertise into a competitive advantage.

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About the Program

Negotiation is the art and science of securing agreements between two or more parties. It is a skill that is central to all occupations and one that is used every single day. Negotiation is a skill that is critical to your success whether you are:

  • Dealing with a highly political and emotionally charged situation
  • Determining the price and terms when acquiring or selling products or services
  • Allocating or requesting project resources for your teams
  • Championing a new initiative for your company
  • Navigating the political minefields of your firm
  • Forming alliances or joint ventures with external partners


Discover expert tricks of the trade and convert that expertise into a competitive advantage. As you gain powerful and practical negotiation tactics, you’ll have the opportunity to practice these skills in several experiential exercises.



This course delivers immediate benefits. It will provide you with knowledge of a wide variety of powerful and practical negotiation skills and an opportunity to practice these skills in several experiential exercises. Participants leave the program with a firm understanding of the theory behind negotiations and the confidence to use different negotiation strategies and tactics.

Please note that "Strategic Negotiation & Collaborative Decision Making"  was previously called "Effective Negotiations: Maximizing Results and Resolving Conflict."

Learn how you can customize this program for your organization.



  • Middle and upper-level managers
  • Executives in areas such as business development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, purchasing, consulting, project management, human resources, strategic alliances, finance, e-commerce, manufacturing, engineering, non-profit administration, and general management.

Key Benefits

  • Cultivate sustainable relationships through the negotiation process
  • Harness the psychology of influence tactics to help you formulate a winning negotiation strategy
  • Understand how your conflict management style influences your selection of strategies and tactics in a negotiation
  • Learn the tricks-of-the-trade of expert negotiators
  • Convert your negotiation foes into allies
  • Convert your negotiation expertise into a competitive advantage for your organization
This class is an interesting and entertaining introduction to the world of effective and beneficial negotiation strategies. The perspective of collaborative conflict will help frame my future dealings to provide better results all around.

Faculty Perspective

Prof. Pri Shah introduces how effective negotiation is an essential skill successful executives use every day to sell products or services, influence decisions, implement new programs, or resolve conflicts.


Day 1
Program Overview and Introduction to Negotiation

Fundamentals of Relationship-Based Negotiation and Planning and Preparation

Negotiation Exercise and Debrief
Negotiation and Influence Tactics

Supplier Negotiation Preparation

Integrative Negotiations
Day 2
Communication Styles and Needs

Individual Differences in Negotiations

Negotiation Exercise and Debrief
Conflict and Negotiation
Negotiation Exercise and Debrief
Day 3
Cross-Cultural Negotiation

Negotiation Exercise and Debrief

Trust and Negotiation
Group Negotiations and Simulation

Behavior Differences Between Expert and Novice Negotiators

Negotiation Wrap-Up

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Lori Abrams
Carlson Executive Educator Network

Lori Abrams is a Strategic and Organizational Communication Consultant with broad-based experience in workforce optimization, organizational development, and change management.

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