Take the fear out of decision-making. Learn how to take intelligent risks, minimize biases in your assessments, and measure the quality of strategic decisions in our Strategic Agility course. Enroll in this two-and-a-half-day course, and learn to strengthen your organization’s strategy and decision-making capabilities from our esteemed faculty.

This course is designed for:

Strategic Agility is designed for leaders who want to expand their ability to think strategically in order to drive value creation, gain competitive advantage, and ultimately impact the company's bottom line.

Course overview:

Strategic Agility provides leaders with a framework to establish a clear long-term strategy and direction for an organization. This compelling 3-day class introduces corporate leaders to frameworks and practices required to analyze the most complex situations. Participants will gain the tools they need to devise a long-term strategy that connects to the vision and mission of their organization and translates into actionable business plans.  In addition, the class will explore and discuss ways to navigate and manage priorities within an organization that is constantly moving and changing with the fast-changing marketplace.  This is a time-tested class that consistently provides leaders with skills they need to create and execute winning strategies to drive business results.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify and execute decision-focused strategy utilizing a strategic development process
  • Make strategic decisions by analyzing available alternatives and assessing business imperatives
  • Devise strategic plans based on strategic and operational understanding
  • Speak truth to power in approving strategic plans that are feasible, realistic and progressive
  • Difference between organizational strategy, operational strategic goals and operating plans
  • What to do when faced with too many competing priorities (strategic agility)
  • Techniques in saying "no" to power