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Power and Influence

Learn to use practical tools to become more powerful and influential with coworkers, managers, and partners. 

About This Program

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This course is proof positive that knowledge is power, power is influence, and together they create a clear path to your career objectives. For some, it’s more like an interstate highway, because the ability to influence others and communicate persuasively is critical to a leader’s effectiveness. To implement strategies, initiate changes, and execute decisions, you must possess the know-how, the skill—the power—to inspire others and shape their behavior.

Power and Influence is a perennially-popular course at the Carlson School of Management:

  • Participants learn to use practical tools to become more powerful and influential with coworkers, managers, and partners
  • Lectures, discussions and live exercises teach you how to master and mobilize entire teams, departments, and organizations
  • The course is led by a Poets and Quants award winner (for Best Faculty Under 40) who is a nationally renowned expert on persuasion and social influence in organizations, and an instructor who routinely receives rave reviews from course participants.


This program is ideal for managers who have mastered technical skills but still want to become more influential and effective by improving their leadership and interpersonal skills. Power and Influence has been attended by CFOs, EVPs, HR and IT Directors, Supply Chain experts, and managers from virtually every sector. Most managers, directors, and team leaders will also benefit from this course.


Key Benefits

  • Learn how to acquire power and use it to your advantage.
  • Master leading others even when you lack formal authority.
  • Manage both team and interpersonal relationships more effectively.
  • Hone impactful presentation techniques.
  • Refine your EQ (emotional intelligence).
  • Master practical tools for crafting strategic verbal and non-verbal communications.
Program Details
Cost: $3200.00

The class absolutely exceeded my expectations.  I was very impressed with the presentation of material and the attention to detail. Wonderful staff.

– Director of Sales Waterous Co.

Power & Influence: How To Get What You Want

Power and Influence is a perennially popular course at the Carlson School. Participants learn to use practical tools to become more powerful and influential with coworkers, managers, and partners

Additional Details


Day 1

Day 2


Strategic and Ethical Influence

Pre-Persuasion: Setting the Context

Harnessing Reciprocity

Establishing Authority

Overcoming Obstacles

Scarcity and Liking

Effective Communication

Overcoming the Curse of Knowledge


The Principles of Persuasion

Using What's Available to Build Consensus

Commitment and Consistency

Integrative Persuasion Exercise and Debrief

Inspiring and Mobilizing Change

Emotions and Stories

Integrative Communication Exercise and Debrief

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Vlad Griskevicius
Professor│Carlson Foundation Chair
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