The overall objective of this course is to help prepare future leaders across the spectrum of pharmaceutical development, investment, manufacturing, distribution, utilization management, and ordering.  Medical Industry Leadership Institute 6235

This course is designed for:

This course engages full-time and working professional students in the fields of management and pharmacy though interdisciplinary exposure to key business and policy aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.  For general management students, it provides exposure to the technical, clinical and policy issues of the pharmaceutical industry. For pharmacy students, it provides additional exposure to the business, financial, and entrepreneurial aspects of the pharmaceutical industry.  For all, it provides an excellent opportunity for interdisciplinary learning and networking. 

Course overview:

Focusing on the unique characteristics of the pharmaceutical industry, including its market, regulation, and policy issues, this course leverages interdisciplinary perspectives and industry leader involvement to develop student skill sets.

Learning outcomes:

  • A thorough understanding of key policy, management, and regulatory issues affecting the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Understand the perspectives of manufacturers, health plans, consumers, and policy makers, and be able to make a case for either side of these issues.
  • Understand the factors driving valuation in the pharmaceutical industry, and be able to assess market valuation of for-profit firms and mergers among firms.
  • Be able to critically assess growth projections for new and established drugs.