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Leading Innovation

You have hired phenomenal people. Tap into their knowledge of markets, products, systems, and ideas to unleash tomorrow’s breakthroughs. 

About This Program

Spring 2020 dates TBD. To learn more about this program, download the brochure or reach out to Carol Roecklein at or at (612) 625-5412.

Evolve or die – a motto as true for start-ups as it is for corporations. But with corporations, it is often the very by-products of success that get in the way, from a sense of infallibility to the top-down lines and boxes of corporate bureaucracy.

This course will help you unlock the power of individuals and teams across the organization to foster innovation. Learn to tap into the collective through design thinking, assemble and manage teams across silos, and rework structures and systems to create a scaffolding for innovation. 



Mid-senior level leaders with P&L or significant functional responsibility.


Key Benefits

In this hands-on interactive program, leaders will learn to effectively:

  • Explore why corporate initiatives often fail and how to solve the root causes
  • Understand when and how to apply contemporary tools and techniques of structured experimentation, including design thinking and lean entrepreneurship
  • Design and reshape organizational structures and systems to support innovation
  • Assemble and manage cross-functional teams to develop, advance, and embrace innovative initiatives
  • Develop a personal plan to effectively lead innovation
  • Find ways to help others in your company advance innovation
Program Details
Cost: $4500.00

Additional Details


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Set the context:  innovation and the link to strategy and competitive advantage

Learn how "best in class" organizations gain competitive advantage through innovation

Learn Design Thinking, the collaborative idea generation tool

Leverage individual and enterprise creativity across the organization


Link your innovative efforts with your company's strategy and the evolving landscape of your industry

Identify individual knowledge, skills, and abilities to successfully lead innovation

Conduct a gap analysis of your organization’s ability to innovate

Switch to a consumer-centric mentality and accelerate the speed of innovation

Schedule subject to change.

Daniel Forbes
Associate Professor, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
Toby Nord
Professional Director of Carlson Ventures Enterprise
Mary Benner
Professor, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship
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