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Leading High-Performing Teams & Organizations

Foster a Culture of Respect, Trust, and Engagement. Discover the power of leading a truly high-performing team, one that exceeds expectations and delivers significant value to your organization.

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About the Program

Discover the power of leading a truly high-performing team, one that exceeds expectations and delivers significant value to your organization. Immerse yourself in three days of hands-on, practical, professional development as you elevate your leadership ability. Engage in insightful simulations and small group discussions which will help you uncover your unique strengths and opportunities as a leader.  

Experience & Results

Explore the core elements that lay the groundwork for a team’s success, including establishing a clear strategic direction, fostering a culture rooted in mutual respect, and building trust. Discuss how to balance competing commitments and goals across the team. Address how to assist teams working through conflicts as they seek common ground.  

Explore the overt as well as the subtle systems throughout your organization and learn how your team can best leverage them. Practice the Leader as Coach model, including advanced listening, asking powerful questions, and providing motivating feedback. Discover how to listen with the intent to connect, engage, and improve relationships. Elevate your ability to deliver actionable feedback and create psychological safety. 

Enhance your ability to empower the team to do what it can without your help and identify when and how to intervene when truly needed. Hone specific techniques to challenge and support the team while keeping responsibility and ownership outcomes with the team. Return to work with clarity on what constitutes a high-performing team and the steps that you can take to create and nurture it. Reinforce your learning during a post-course one-hour session to share early wins and determine areas to practice further. 

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  • Emerging and mid-level leaders

  • Team leads, managers, directors 

  • Anyone responsible for collaboration or coaching

Key Benefits

  • Discover the characteristics of high-performing teams and the intentional actions required to lead them

  • Recognize the mindset shifts required as you move from problem-solving/work management to leadership work

  • Enhance your ability to challenge and support the team while delegating   responsibility and ownership outcomes

  • Learn how to effectively lead throughout each stage of team development

  • Strengthen your ability to facilitate collaborative discussions that lead to well-informed team decisions

  • Explore when and how a leader should intervene to improve team dynamics 

  • Elevate your ability to actively listen, ask insightful questions, and provide motivating feedback

  • Understand how to use silence creatively and effectively

  • Learn to adopt a coaching mindset

As a leader of teams for many years, it was invaluable to step away from my role and day-to-day colleagues to interface with other leaders in this three-day course. I left energized to engage my teams for maximum productivity and I have new tools to use to better organize meetings and build consensus within cross-functional groups.
– Betsey Pepas, Vice President, Concierge Services, Garner Health


Day 1
Leadership Mindset
Leadership Simulation
Day 2
Conversations as a Force for Change
Organizational Networks
Day 3
Leader as Coach
Leader as Coach (con't)
Post Course Session
Rapid Learning Reflection


Peter Krembs
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Peter Krembs is an adjunct faculty member in Executive Education at the Carlson School of Management. Peter has almost 40 years of experience as a consultant to major U.S. and international corporations in leadership development and change leadership.

Alison Smith
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Alison Smith loves leaders and her passion is to inspire and support them to create extraordinary organizations. She is the founder of The Really Useful People Group, provides leadership development and leads the purpose ministry at Wooddale Church, and is part of the adjunct faculty at the University of Minnesota and the University of St Thomas.

Jim Willenbring
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Jim Willenbring founded his own strategy consulting and leadership coaching practice, where he helps leaders develop winning strategies, not just for their companies but also for their own leadership mastery.

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