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Leading High-Performing Teams

This two-day course will enhance your ability to lead teams, including developing accountability, diplomatically working through conflict, and providing constructive feedback. You’ll learn to fine-tune your observation skills to assess team dynamics and pivot in real-time.

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In Person: Minneapolis, MN

About This Program

This highly interactive course will give you the tools and resources needed to lead a high-performing team. Through a series of experiential exercises, you’ll learn how to create and lead a team that drives business results, regardless of whether the team is in-person, virtual, or hybrid.


Beginning with an exploration of what makes high-performing teams exceptional, participants will learn to identify individual and group behaviors critical to a team's success. By identifying your own style of team leadership, you will discover how to maximize your strengths and mitigate potential challenges. You’ll also learn to mediate conflict among team members and promote skillful communication that allows for open, honest, and trust-building dialogue. You will explore the unique dynamics of cross-functional teams and learn how to set the stage for high-performance collaboration and accountability. Finally, as the level of team performance accelerates, you will learn how to lead through change by creating a flexible team environment, where pivoting is expected and embraced.

Participants may choose to attend remotely via Zoom. This option can be selected in the registration process.

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This course was previously called Creating High-Performance Teams and the content has been updated.

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  • Emerging and mid-level leaders
  • Team leads, managers, directors 
  • Anyone responsible for collaboration or coaching

Key Benefits

  • Identify the characteristics of high-performing teams and their leaders
  • Effectively lead team members through the stages of team development
  • Bridge differences in preferred work styles among team members
  • Observe and facilitate group dynamics
  • Productively manage conflict among team members
  • Effectively lead and manage cross-functional teams
  • Build a flexible team mind-set to address organizational change.
  • Accelerate team performance.
Teamwork has always been hard to achieve, which is why it’s so valuable. In our new era of distributed workers and hybrid work, teamwork is more critical than ever, yet creating it has become much more difficult. Consider this course your new teamwork playbook.
– Pam Johns, Course Faculty Instructor


Day 1
What Makes a Team High Performance?

Stages of Team Development
Team Dynamics

Conflict Management

Communicating Effectively
Day 2
Alignment Tools

Team Dysfunctions

Role Clarity
Communication Styles

Team Norms

The Speed of Trust


Amy Tolbert
Carlson Executive Educators Network

Amy S. Tolbert, PhD, CSP develops multicultural organizations and individuals by bringing you cutting-edge topics, such as multicultural and diversity initiatives, leadership competency development, managing to style, and creating breakthrough teams.

Pam Johns
Carlson Executive Educators Network
Pam Johns is an accomplished athlete, having been on the podium nationally as an Alpine ski racer, and regionally as a competitive tennis player.

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