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Creating High-Performance Teams

Drive performance, maintain a highly-effective work culture, and build leadership capabilities to meet future business needs. You’ll gain a systemic view of your organization and the tools and leadership practices to implement best practices for creating a productive climate. 

This course runs every fall.

About This Program

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Learn to manage and lead your workforce in today's dynamic, high-octane environment. Uncover ways to exert influence as a team leader, increase performance across your organization, and support the achievement of business objectives with the guidance of our seasoned faculty. Drive performance, maintain a highly-effective work culture, and build leadership capabilities to meet future business needs.



This program is designed for mid-level to senior executives who are responsible for improving the performance of their company’s employees. Typical titles include director, supervisor, manager, group leader, or team leader. Anyone responsible for organizational change, or coaching and supporting people would benefit from this program.


Key Benefits

  • Identify and leverage your competencies to become a more effective manager
  • Develop and coach teams to achieve their full potential as high-performance work units
  • Influence fast moving, complex organizations at the individual, team, and complex system levels
  • Effectively implement change throughout an organization
  • Build the critical leadership skills needed to set a motivational environment
Program Details
Cost: $3900.00

I recommend this class for leaders at all levels who want to make a difference for their organization, and the people they work with and manage. The content is relevant to all industries and sizes of organizations, and the instructors were very engaging.


Carlson Executive Education provides highly professional, practical programs for those in search of advancing their careers. The instructors are excellent and relate to students on a professional level.

– CFO / Supply Chain Services, LLC

Additional Details


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


How Great Team Leaders Accelerate the Process

Reflecting on Leadership Character

Team Simulation

Positive Influence in a Leadership Role

Seeing Systemic Patterns that Affect Performance


Profile of Good Team Players

Building Conflict Resolution Capability

Developing Integrative Problem Solving Methods

Adaptive Leadership

Delegation Simulation


Schedule subject to change.

Louellen Essex
Instructor, Carlson Executive Educator Network
Paul Erdahl
Distinguished Member of the Carlson Executive Educator Network
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