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Creating High-Performance Teams

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Increase teams’ productivity and level of engagement.

This course runs every fall.

About This Program

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Engaged, highly functioning teams are vital to an organization’s ability to successfully accomplish initiatives and remain competitive. While well-intentioned, many teams fall victim to common pitfalls that can derail progress and prevent them from achieving their full potential. 

Learn how to create and lead a team that functions at a high performance level. Drive business results through accountable cross-functional teamwork. Recognize potential missteps and learn how to avoid them. Diplomatically work through conflict and provide constructive feedback. Fine-tune your observation skills to assess team dynamics and intervene on the spot. Develop team agility as the organization faces change.

In this highly interactive session, participants will engage in a series of experiential exercises designed to increase their ability to effectively assess and lead teamwork. Short presentations, individual assessments, small and full group discussion will accelerate learning and application to the real-world setting.



This program is designed for emerging to mid-level leaders who are responsible for improving the performance of their company’s employees. Typical titles include director, supervisor, manager, group leader, or team leader. Anyone responsible for organizational change, or coaching and supporting people would benefit from this program.


Key Benefits

  • Identify the characteristics of high-performance teams and their leaders
  • Effectively lead team members from kickoff, through roadblocks, to goal attainment

  • Bridge work style differences among team members
  • Observe, analyze, and facilitate group dynamics

  • Inspire shared accountability in cross-functional teamwork

  • Productively manage conflict among team members

  • Guide team members as organizational change occurs

  • Accelerate team performance

  • Share experiences and learn from others successes and missteps


Program Details
Cost: $3900.00

I recommend this class for leaders at all levels who want to make a difference for their organization, and the people they work with and manage. The content is relevant to all industries and sizes of organizations, and the instructors were very engaging.


Carlson Executive Education provides highly professional, practical programs for those in search of advancing their careers. The instructors are excellent and relate to students on a professional level.

– CFO / Supply Chain Services, LLC

Additional Details


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


What makes a team high performance?

Stages of team development

Assessment discussion (completed before session):  Kolbe Index

Leading through conflict and change

 Approaches to conflict situations

Integrating the assessments, feedback, and learning from days one and two

Coaching triads

Action planning


Reading team dynamics

High performance team interaction patterns

Facilitation skills

Cross-functional team dynamics, including challenges in advocacy, shared accountability, and negotiation skills)

Communicating effectively – giving feedback to individuals and to the team

Challenges in dealing with change

Facilitating problem solving and decision-making - group techniques


Schedule subject to change.

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