September 11, 2017 to October 30, 2017
Monday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

The skills for early success are often not the complete package needed to excel in advanced leadership and management roles. This course combines succinct, impactful training in core management disciplines with skills to better lead self, teams and organizations. The Carlson School Advanced Leadership Program is infused with applied learning activities, simulations and case applications, and mindfulness exercises.

This course is designed for:

Mid- and senior-level professionals will benefit from this course. The Advanced Leadership Program is particularly useful for functional, technical or divisional leaders who are seeking the people and process tools to advance. 

Course overview:

Week 1: Leading Change
Learn why change often fails. Experience leading successful change through a half-day simulation.

Week 2: Setting Strategy
Strengthen your ability to think strategically.  Analyze the external environment, conduct an industry analysis and identify sources of competitive advantage.  

Week 3: Financial Accountability
Learn the key components of finance. Confidently build and manage a budget; learn to speak the language of finance.

Week 4: Working Across Silos
Apply methods and frameworks to work effectively across boundaries. Get immersed in real-world examples, tools and templates.

Week 5: Managing Conflict and Communication Effectiveness 
Uncover the ways individuals respond to conflict. Work in teams to practice conflict mitigation tools in a variety of situations. 

Week 6: Authentic Leadership
Increase your mental, emotional and ethical leadership qualities. Broaden your self-awareness. Build new ways to approach your work and to lead yourself and others.

Week 7: Building a High Performing Culture
Learn how to create and maintain a high performance firm. Master feedback, engagement and empowerment.

Week 8: Decision Making and Ethics
Integrate ethics into decision making frameworks. Apply ethical principles to resolve moral leadership challenges.

Learning outcomes:

The course brings to the forefront the perspective and skills needed to manage against today’s backdrop of continuous change.  Leaders will:

  • Learn frameworks and skills to develop and execute successful strategies
  • Master tools to assume financial accountability for significant initiatives/departments
  • Enhance personal, team and organizational leadership skills to create a high-performance work culture
  • Manage conflict through effective communications and adaptive techniques
  • Utilize applied mindfulness techniques to increase focus, productivity, and collaboration
  • Deploy strong and ethical decisions in challenging, rapidly changing environments

Over the course of eight Mondays, participants will gain a toolkit of business and leadership skills. They will leave well positioned to meet corporate challenges and career opportunities.