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Online Course: Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is accelerating as businesses use technology to upend old models and restructure how problems are solved. This online, four-week course will prepare leaders to spot industry disruption and leverage a disruptive innovation framework to position their business for the future.

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About This Program

Disruptive innovation has upended traditional profitability models of industry after industry.  Executives, focused on fine-tuning their current business models, often haven’t seen the threats before their business landscapes are suddenly and permanently changed. Data and the increased development of technology have accelerated the rate of these massive changes. No industry is immune from competitors looking to grab market share through disruptive innovation.

This four-week online course will prepare leaders to harness the power of disruptive innovation before their competitors do. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what disruptive innovation is and will learn how to spot potential threats and opportunities in their own business. Focus will be on planning for disruption, using concrete steps to identify potential disruptions in the industry, and building the right culture to implement change. Participants will be trained to view their business through a "jobs to be done" framework and use customer-centric problem-solving to discover new ideas and justify business changes. To learn more about disruptive innovation and the topics covered in the course, check out "Will You Let Disruption Help or Harm Your Business."

The Online Course Experience

Our online programs require approximately 4 hours per week for course work. At your own pace, you'll participate in on-demand learning modules consisting of videos, case studies, reflections, and conversations with other course participants. This experience will broaden your perspective and enhance the skills you use to power your work. Online courses also include live virtual learning sessions regular points throughout the program. These scheduled meetings are opportunity to deepen your connections with peers as well as connect directly with faculty as you discuss course topics.


  • Mid-level to senior leadership
  • C-suite
  • Leaders of product development
  • Leaders of technology or business model disruption

Key Benefits

  • Understand the forces of disruption that could impact their business and see how to spot them early
  • Uncover a new approach for customer centricity to spot and shape new opportunities by applying the jobs to be done framework
  • Learn, through practical examples, how to leverage new business models and potential application for their companies
  • Get hands-on experience using the disruptive innovation toolkit 

Additional Course Details

Week 1
March 1, 11am-12pm CT
Kickoff & Introduction to Disruption
Module 1: Introduction to Disruption: The Forces at Play
Week 2
Module 2: Customer Centricity - Jobs to be Done
Week 3
Module 3: Developing Disruptive Solutions

Week 4
Module 4: Developing New Business Models.
Test & Learn: How to Iterate the Market
March 26, 11am-12pm CT
Course Recap
Present: Innovative Business Solutions
Hari Nair
Carlson Executive Educators Network

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