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Project Emerge: Women's Leadership Conference

  • TIME:
    7:30am to 5:30pm

Project Emerge: Personal Development

Carlson's WLC is a longstanding annual event occurring each Spring.  It attracts approximately 400 women (mostly mid-level managers) within the region and has sold out within two days for the last four years.  The 2017 WLC is scheduled for the full day of Friday, April 28 (you can view last year’s details on the 2016 WLC website).   

This year's WLC theme: Owning your Journey: Chart Your Own Course will feature sessions that are grouped into the following broad themes:  

  1. Learning: focused internally on personal development
  2. Working: focused externally on career development 
  3. Connecting: focused on community 

We have a very select number of tickets for Project Emerge participants.  Please email ProjectE@umn.edu if you have an interest in attending the 2017 WLC.