What skills do you look for in selecting applicants for the Carlson Funds Enterprise?

Applications will be assessed primarily on the likelihood of the applicant's success in meeting our clients' needs and on their interest in learning and applying investment analysis skills within the CFE and in their career. We will make this assessment on the following information:

  • Career plans
  • Carlson School academic record
  • Motivation and interest level
  • Analytical and problem solving ability
  • Team work and interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to dedicate required project time
  • Previous work and leadership experience

The project and coursework students experience provides core skills in critical thinking, structured analysis, effective communication, project management and business analysis tools that will help prepare them for challenging, high-impact positions in a number of fields including; corporate finance, investment management, equity research, investment banking, and other general asset management careers.

What classes do I need to take?

Undergraduates: Each undergraduate student is required to take specific pre-requisite and core courses, For more information, please go to the Program Overview and review the "Coursework" section or view the PDF iconDetailed Undergraduate Course Timeline Recommendation (82.7 KB)

MBAs: Each MBA student is required to take specific classes, depending on which fund they are assigned to. For more information about these courses, please go to the Program Overview and review the "Coursework" section or view the PDF iconDetailed Graduate Course Timeline Recommendation (79.87 KB)

What sort of resources will be available to me if I'm accepted into the program?

Students accepted into the CFE will have complete access to the Financial Markets Lab, room 1-170 CSOM, which includes four Bloomberg terminals, a printer and a study area. Students are also granted year-long licenses and access to FactSet, a financial tool that allows you to monitor global markets, public and private companies, and equity and fixed income portfolios in a single, intuitive interface. CFE students are also introduced to finance professionals who act as mentors, and are available for everything from portfolio and industry advice to discussing work life balance and career goals.

How many hours per week are required for the CFE?

Enterprise participation is time-intensive. Students will need to weigh carefully their ability to go to school full-time, to be part of an Enterprise, any part-time work, and involvement in other activities. To be truly successful in an Enterprise, students should be able to devote 10-15 hours a week.

How often does class meet?

Class meets twice a week from 8:00am-09:40am. Fixed Income meets monday and wednesday, and Growth meets tuesday and thursday.

Undergraduate students: Upon successful completion of the two semesters, students will receive 6 credits for the course (3 credits each semester). We recommend that students contact their advisor to discuss implications for major and graduation requirements.

MBA students: Upon successful completion of the two and a half semesters, students will receive 10 credits for the course. The enterprise program is a part of your graduation requirements.

Other students: You will need to work with your academic advisor to see what credits your program can receive, and the implications for your graduation requirements and workload.

Where is the Funds Enterprise located?

The Carlson Funds Enterprise is located on the first floor of the Carlson School of Management. The lab is located just off of the Atrium, in room 1-170. The office, room 1-170A, can be located by going through the entrance of 1-160.

Funds Enterprise map

When will I start to see information about your recruiting abilities?

An information session/open house for new students is typically held in October. Students should start looking for postings on both the CFE website and the News and Events monitors around the school starting in September.

How do I apply?

MBA students do not need to apply, as it's part of their core curriculum. In October, MBA students will go through a preferencing process, at which time they will decide which fund they'd like to be in. For more details about this process, please visit our Preferencing Process site.

All other students need to apply to the fund in order to be considered for a spot in the program. For more information about the application process, visit our How To Apply section.

Can part-time MBA students apply to be in the fund?

Yes, part-time students are eligible to apply to the Funds Enterprise.

However, it's on a case-by-case basis. Due to the time requirements of the program, it's not always feasible for part-time students to attend the classes, presentations, etc. on a regular basis so those interested in the program are required to meet with both the Program Directors to make sure it's worthwhile for both parties. Depending on students' individual expectations of the fund, participation may not be advised. If part-time students do wish to discuss their participation with the Directions, they will need to setup an appointment to speak with the Directors no later than September of their first year, as preferencing and placement decisions are made in October/November.

Is travel required?

Although travel is not required, it is strongly suggested that students take advantage of the Carlson Travel Stipend Fund that allows students to travel to corporations to gain insight into the company they are researching. Students are urged to meet with the management team in their company in order to acquire more information about their stock or bond.