Important Dates for the 2018 CFE Class
October 25th - Applications Due (Apply here)
November 1st - Interviews Begin
November 10th - Placement Notification

The Carlson Funds Enterprise (CFE) is designed for students who are interested in pursuing careers in investment management, corporate finance, and investment banking. While we have a strong partnership with the MBA program, not all of our students are on that track. We encourage qualified students from other degree programs to apply to the CFE.

Participation Requirements

All students are expected to actively participate in each class during the term - all portfolio decisions are made in a group setting, and every student analyst needs to come prepared to discuss the markets and the companies being researched. Expect a significant non-classroom workload. The CFE is a year round commitment. Students are responsible for portfolio management activities on an ongoing basis, including during breaks. The Financial Markets do not take breaks, and our clients expect and deserve vigilance.

At the same time, we recognize the importance of other activities including internships and global experiences. We know everyone needs to recharge and refresh. That’s why we employ a team-based approach to research and portfolio management. It is each team’s responsibility to ensure that all companies are covered, and that monthly performance reports are produced and distributed. We encourage students to work remotely when needed, and collaborate actively with their teams even when traveling. That’s part of the real-world experience.

Application Process

Students apply to be in the enterprise in October because the Enterprise is a year-long program. Undergraduate students should not apply before October of their Junior year, due to course prerequisites..

At the end of September/early October, Open House/Information Sessions are held. These information sessions provide an overview of our daily activities, time requirements, general coursework, and the application deadline.

Applications should be submitted through this form in order to be considered for an interview. Documents to be submitted include:

  • A one-page cover letter/statement of career interests that includes a summary of the below components:
    • Statement of interest in joining the CFE – Please describe your interest in the CFE, what goals/objectives you would have for your experience in the program, and your anticipated unique contributions
    • Statement of how the Carlson Funds Enterprise would contribute to your career plans.
    • Statement regarding your ability to meet the time commitment for CFE. Please describe your level of commitment to the Enterprise as well as any concerns you have regarding your ability to meet the 15-20 hours/week commitment. For example, how many course credits you generally take during the semester, if you work on or off campus, etc.
    • Statement that you understand that the Funds Enterprise is a two semester commitment – Spring and Fall of 2018. If you cannot make this commitment, please explain why.
    • Statement that you understand some level of work will be required during school breaks. We will work with students to accommodate internship and travel requirements, but we are collectively responsible for invested funds year round.
  • A recommendation from a current employer, internship supervisor, or faculty member - this can be in the form of a letter, or by providing contact information for a reference
  • GPA, grades and courses. Please upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  • Resume – please upload a copy of your resume

When you have all of these materials prepared, please upload them here.

After the Application

After the deadline for applications has passed, the CFE Program Director will go through the applications and choose individuals that they would like to interview. After a decision is made, applicants will be notified at this time whether or not they have been chosen to be interviewed. Students who were chosen for an interview will then set up a time to come in and meet with the director and academic advisors.

After the Interview

After the interviews are conducted, candidates will be notified if they have been selected to join the Funds Enterprise. The invitations to be accepted into the program are usually sent out in early November. Accepted students will begin working with the funds at the start of Spring semester, and are expected to stay through Fall. Continuing on with the Funds for the following Spring i may be permitted, with the consent of the Professional Director of the CFE. Although the number of applicants varies each year, the CFE expects to receive 40-50 non-MBA applications this year, so space is clearly limited.