Real-World Money Management

The individual funds are managed by MBA students and select undergraduates. The CFE is designed for students who are interested in careers in investment management, corporate finance, and investment banking. The students who make up the Carlson Funds Enterprise work with real participants who have invested real money on which they expect a real return. That means our students are required to practice real world management.

The CFE manages two funds, a small capitalization growth fund and a fixed income fund. CFE students manage all aspects of the funds including analysis of securities, trading, compliance, marketing, and client reporting. Students are guided by two investment industry professionals. Throughout the program, students:

  • Present well-researched investment proposals to the Carlson Funds Investment Committee Mentors
  • Interview the management teams of potential investment companies to do thorough due diligence
  • Produce monthly participant performance and accounting reports
  • Judge investment opportunities by establishing their intrinsic long-term value

Our Funds

The Carlson School Growth Fund currently has more than $15 million under management. Analysts research and present two stocks to the Investment Oversight Committee, one stock in the fall and one stock in the spring. Assistance and oversight is provided by professional mentors and academic faculty.

The Carlson School Fixed Income Fund currently has more than $15 million under management. Each analyst covers a sector, with new research presented to the Investment Oversight Committee twice a year. Assistance and oversight is provided by professional mentors and academic faculty.

For more information on our stock and bond selection process, please visit our mentor page.


CFA Institute

As a Program Partner, the University of Minnesota covers a significant portion of the CFA Program curriculum and conforms to the CFA Institute Code of Ethics. The CFE Program prepares students to sit for the CFA exam, and many CFE students attain CFA designation while they are in the CFE Program.

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Additional Information

Read the Funds Enterprise Brochure (4.73 MB) to learn more about us.

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