Carlson Consulting Enterprise projects are always complex and offer different opportunities for learning. They are not projects you can complete in a few days. Consulting Enterprise projects aim to answer tough questions and the challenges we face trying to answer these questions are always unique. We always have to be ready for the unexpected and troubleshoot when needed.

In my first project, the initial plan was to create a market-sizing model based on interview data. We unexpectedly could not gather such information due to the nature of the target industry. As a result, we devised a completely new methodology for creating the model using more accessible data. In another project, the scope of the market opportunity assessment that we conducted went through four iterations due to the information we gathered and analyzed throughout the term.

The Consulting Enterprise provided a valuable opportunity for me to hone my communication skills through client interactions and presentations. Research and analytical skills are important, but those can be learned in the classroom. Throughout this experience, I learned the ability to communicate complex information is important to making the research and analysis really sing. One of my favorite experiences was working on storyboards with team members to ensure that we conveyed our messages effectively, provided the appropriate level of detail, and brought clients along with our recommendations.

After graduation I will be returning to Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations practice, where I interned last summer.